stand up arcade Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up!

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
stand up arcade Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up!
"Do not follow what the wise men say, but follow in their footsteps.\ "(Old Zen said ).This means that in order to reach the level of ascension that these wise men have achieved, you must live the life they have done, or, in order to reach those lofty plateaus, "follow in their footsteps ".It is not feasible to read and understand their words.
If you look, it is not necessarily to look at what Christ says, but to look at the life he describes in the Bible --He is not a family.He is neither a businessman nor a politician nor a nationalist.All things of the Old Testament;Fertility, obedience, commandments are prepared for different audiences who cannot understand for themselves and must be told by authoritative figures what to do.
New Testament, according to the northbound Gospels (conveniently excluded in a few hands)Pick the Gospel of the Catholic Church from Christianity), portray Christ as living a simple life, and try to show us how to find peace in the heart.We are all sons of God.But contemporary Christians did not follow the footsteps of Christ.Instead, they take the selective, self-Quoting from the Old Testament supports their desire for material and psychological things to accumulate and opens the floodgates for acquisitions, ambitions, wealth and accumulation.
The Old Testament argues that material accumulation is a spiritual pursuit, and the opposite is true.Whether it's big screen TV, big family, big faith, stock portfolio or big Self, accumulation is a burden on the human mind.Accumulation will only induce fear into a mind that naturally has no fear.
I believe it is simple that Christ knows and understands this completely and tries to show how to live through his life.But when one conveniently uses the Old Testament (old consciousness without personal insight) to justify their desires, and only the New Testament (new consciousness with personal insight, to prove that they believe that whatever they do is forgiven for their faith in Christ, then you will find that they have not followed the teacher's footsteps.The old view is that Christ is not here to teach us, but to save us.
So we can do what we can.
It's convenient, and if that's what you want to believe, that's fine, but I'm assuming that if you look at a life full of accumulation, including the accumulation of material things, strong opinions, indomitable spiritual point of view, produced by the superego, you will find that there is deep pressure and unhappiness hidden in a deceived tranceBelieve that everything is happiness.This is the Old Testament consciousness without insight.According to the northbound Gospels, this is an illusion compared to the enlightenment of the New Testament.
I think Christ knows that our accumulated desires and attachment to things will eventually lead to disappointment and unhappiness and try to show us another path through his way of life.Religious wars are caused by a tense, indomitable view, nothing but happiness.The atmosphere of hatred between Christians, Muslims and Jews, which is currently publicly stated in the media, will only lead to nuclear war.
Then we lost.
I bet the religious chicken hawks who are now screaming behind their secure computers, this conflict is our destiny, as the Bible predicts, when the mushroom cloud rises over their community!There is a concept and a reality about announcing the desire to join God in heaven!For Christ's sake!Christ tries to teach peace!Don't you understand?There are no material things, no strong opinions, no indomitable spiritual views and Super love!Yes!Love is impossible to happen before other things disappear!As long as you have strong opinions and indomitable views, you cannot love your neighbor because you will try to convince the poor to believe in your way.Only in this way will you love your neighbor;You can control them when they give in.
You know, the monks and nuns of Christianity (not priests and missionaries) understand this;They live a poor life when they put on their robes and exchanged their families, occupations, relationships and property with three simple robes and a begging bowl.Why?Because they understand it all on a very deep level, it's all about letting go.This is what Christ teaches us.letting go!Let go of everything is real happiness.
This is the basis for a truly generous and loving neighbor --This is a complete happiness that we can gain as human beings, because when we insist on our material things, strong opinions, indomitable spiritual opinions and Super self, we are always afraid that things will change.And in fact;Everything has changed.Material things come and go, our views will be constantly challenged, and as we mature, our spiritual views will change, and as we grow older and experience the reality of life,When we hold on to these things, even things like nationalism, politics and religion, our hearts become tense;Our hearts become narrow and afraid of someone challenging us, another country, another religion, another political point or party.We become afraid, which leads to hatred and anger.
We become uncertain because deep down inside, outside the level of consciousness, we are really not sure whether our views are true or not.It is easy for us to give up what we no longer use, old clothes or old appliances, but it is not easy for what we still cherish.Only if we no longer cherish the values of the Old Testament that brought us conflict and discover the true meaning of the New Testament that brought us peace, can we throw away those old values without thinking about it?If we can live a simple life, as long as we live well enough, we will naturally start to see the needs of others and we will help them.
When we have enough money to live better, we begin to take care of the needs of others.When we give up all the things we once thought made us happy, but let us fear, anger, and hatred, we find ourselves slowly becoming true Christ --Just like the way we behave and live.Instead of confrontation, effort and ambition, we become loving and generous.
It's true generosity, we follow our hearts, not our heads.This is the real happiness.Anagarika eddie is a meditation teacher Dhammabucha Rox Prince Sanctuarywww sit-in.Maha Moke springs.Author of the year of enlightenment.His 30-year meditation experience took him across four continents, including two stopovers in Thailand, where he practiced as a doomed Mahayana Buddhist monk in a remote Northeast forest.
He survived.
xa0Inxa0Watxa0Spa narakat under Ayanxa0Jiang Cha, Watxa0Papantard under the leadership of Ayanxa0Maha Bovaxa0Under the leadership of Ayan Tui, W. spa. Dane wig.He is a postman in Shasta.xa0Monastery,xa0Northern California Zen Academy under Roshxa0Kennett;And Mahayana Buddhist anagariakaxa0In two Amaravatixa0The Abbey of England and bochania Ramaxa0A monastery in New Zealand under Ayan.xa0Sumo.The author used to meditate with Korean Mastersxa0Su Nengxa0Sahnxa0Sunim;With Bhantexa0Gunaratana of the B Havana Association in West Virginia;And with the Tibetan teacher Chuang BAxa0Rinpoche in Boulder, Colorado.
He also has Practice in insight.
xa0The Meditation Society and Zen Buddhism in Balley, Massachusettsxa0Centerxa0In San Francisco
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