stand up arcade WE THE PEOPLE... What Does It Really Mean?

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
stand up arcade WE THE PEOPLE... What Does It Really Mean?
As a child who grew up in the United States, I was taught from an early age that our country is a country ruled by people.I have been told that we elect our deputies to hold political posts and that they will fulfill the will of the people.Someone told me this today.Our country is a country where people are people.
I'm a little confused about it.
Why, you ask?In short, I don't think it's a reality.People want illegal immigrants to leave and the country to strengthen border security, but Washington, D. C. wants to give them amnesty and keep the border open.
The death penalty was hoped to be executed, but it was not done.The people are opposed to sodomy, but those who practice sodomy are openly opposed and they want to give them special rights.People want quick justice, but they will be resolved in a simple period of justice, yet it seems less and less each year.
The people want the government to be responsible, and we have to be responsible.Serve on top of indulgent bureaucracy.So how is the United States governed by the people?..?To put it simply, we are not!Our people have been replaced by our cooperation.
we are lobbyists.
we are a minority.
we are rich.
recently, let alone, the most ridiculous thing is that we are illegal immigrants.This is not the government created by the founding father of the United States.This is not the government they create at the risk of life, family or wealth.
This is not the United States where our ancestors fought for protection.It's not America, it's not America.I believe the real Americans are still here, hidden, robbed and beaten.I saw this when our recent Senate, Congress, and President all finally agreed on something-recent immigration legislation.
The real United States has stopped this bill, and the real United States is still alive, albeit weak and scattered.It turns out that if we stand together, we can overcome the biggest threat to national security: both houses.The Indians used to control this great land, but because they did not stand up together, they took it from their hands.
When early settlers confronted themselves internally, they were rescued from one tribe at a time.We true Americans must learn from the pain they have suffered, unite, or America will soon become a memory, a page in the history book that teachers teach students who are not interested inThe biggest fear is that if we stand up, we will lose our lives, our families and our wealth.The truth is that if we don't stand up, we will lose these things anyway.
When I was a teenager, I fell in love for the first time.She is my neighbor and lives outside several houses.I'm crazy about her.We are best friends.I was so worried about losing her as a friend that I never told her how much I loved her.
Even after I knew she was interested in me, fear controlled me and I still didn't take action.I have a choice,I have to tell her that I love her and that if things don't go well or make her a friend, it is possible for me to lose our friendship.I lost her forever because I didn't act.I am very immature to understand that as we grow up, our friendship will change, because I separated her as a friend.
My point is that I have two choices 1) Tell her that maybe she will be lost, maybe she will be married, maybe she will be married and leave her friends and let time take her away.On the one hand, I will definitely lose, on the other hand, I may or may not lose.As I have matured over the years, when I am faced with the possibility of some kind of loss or loss, the best option is to adapt to that possibility.
I love my country like any real American.
Now is the time to act.
If we keep the status quo, America will be lost in history.America may still be just a memory if we take action, but it may flourish again.We must go back to the place where America is great and not leave.
We must clear those who oppose the United States in Washington, D. C., and we must be willing to take the risks our founding fathers and ancestors took.We must protect America from terrorists and politicians!Dan Galpin of the President!You don't have to vote for me, but vote on your own!http://www.
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