stand up arcade Stand up and SMILE

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
stand up arcade Stand up and SMILE
A smile is a stressful planet, and it can also change the environment around you.When I go to the workplace for a consultation or training program, I notice the power of a smile.When the team is in "serious mode", it is obvious to interact with each other through their facial expressions (or lack of expressions.
The person smiling in the room not only broke the tension, but also produced a chain reaction of smiling;Relaxed mood!Practice this in the work;Change your environment through your presence.Start with a smile and see what happens.Have you heard that the smile on the phone will change the mood of the conversation?Can someone on the other end really "hear" your smile?It\'s true!Do you know that people on the other end of the phone are listening with a smile?You can't see them, but you can feel the smile in their tone, the speed and tone of their voice, and how sincere they are.Smile more!In a long phone discussion, another good help strategy is to stand up while talking.
This is actually very effective if you are having trouble on the phone.Many years ago, one of my mentors introduced me to the concept of standing up while talking on the phone.It will make you more focused, energetic and have a positive impact on the conversation, he said.
In the same way, conversations tend to be shorter.I tried this suggestion and found out that what he said was true.Recently, I saw the article on Facebook: "A study by the University of Southern California found that when you stand, the information processing speed of your brain will increase by 5 to 20.
You might look a bit silly standing around your office?Your company will be good.While working, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill stood.David villrell.This sentence has caused 17 different comments and discussions.
.A strategy that is not so easy to do all the time, but so important is simply being present.When you are present, you make fewer mistakes and are more observant.Because I was not present, one of my most dramatic rush results recently was the event of a blue shoe and a brown shoe.
Thankfully, no one seems to notice (or they're too polite to say anything) to me, but it becomes a good reminder of how quickly we can get out of the fieldBeing present will make you more real.Choosing your language carefully is another valuable strategy.Think about your words and how they describe your life.
For example, if you say, "I'm having a bad day!You can rebuild it with something like "You know, I have a day to test my patience.Or "I started practicing integrity one day."Just the change in wording creates a different experience, a different mindset, and a different feeling.
It is also important to set realistic goals, and it is also important to write them down.This will ensure more success for you.If they're just in your mind, then it's easy to get distracted and forget about them.At the end of the day, take about 5 to 10 minutes to do a quick review.
These are the guiding questions of this self.Reflection time: what is going well in the day?What are challenges and what are difficulties?What did I learn?What different things will I do tomorrow?Then set up your red hot item/your "now" Heap/your emergency item for tomorrow so you can know what your priority item is or what your starting point isClean your desk when you leave the office.When you open the door of the office and find a neat and orderly desk and office waiting for you, the energy will soar.
Instead of feeling exhausted, you will start a new day.You can also implement strategies to eliminate stress and improve resilience in your life.This includes resolving problems, disagreements or conflicts in a timely manner.
When communication challenges occur, conflicts may surface, or there may be some tension in the relationship that can be resolved as soon as possible.Complete it in a supportive and respectful way.Do not let problems arise;The cleaning problem under the carpet will only make the carpet very, very bumpy, and there is a lot of dirt to be cleaned up.
Based on my experience of mediating hundreds of conflicts and disputes, time does not reduce conflicts or reduce emotions.In fact, to avoid this problem, let more time pass, on the contrary.It gives people more opportunities to build their case and find alliances.
Emotional escalation, more people involved, makes it more difficult to solve the problem.Start your conversation with your right foot.Stand up and smile and stay positive!
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