stand up arcade Letters for Monday, May 11, 2015

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
stand up arcade Letters for Monday, May 11, 2015
After reading the Gilon fishing boat's response to their killing of seals and dolphins, the excuse is pathetic.Accusing their Internet system of not stopping them from plundering all kinds of fish on their roads.I believe that thousands of Tasman people deserve the respect of our own federal minister and support us against Senator Richard Colbeck before it is too late.
—Barry Milner, Ravenwood.
May 5) wearing a German SS uniform.
This person may like to play with war toys, but why show the uniforms related to such cruelty?You should be ashamed.—Elsa De Ruyt, St. Helens.I can't believe they want to move the monument to the location they suggested.It should stay in place over the years as it is central to everyone.
War widows and heritage widows like me will find it impossible to attend the service there.It gets harder and harder every year, but at least it's close to its location.Veterans don't need to go that far.Due to the fact that all businesses and buildings are there, it is not suitable for large groups of people.
There is no need to light it all the time for a tourist attraction.We don't want to be reminded where our people are going because it's heartbreaking to see them leave.Let the Council stand up and leave it where it is now.
Sometimes I wonder who came up with these ideas.So please keep the status quo so that we can still remember our dear ones who have passed away.—Nancy Holmes in WaverleyWhat's strange about women asking why, in the same pension return, they have to work longer than men to retire.
Women have every right to be very angry.
Such unfair discrimination should be thoroughly condemned.It was regrettable that the situation remained at the workplace in 2015.Since the introduction of compulsory pensions, successive governments have failed to address the gender gap.
Is this long-standing, unfair, discrimination against women resolved only when such a male-dominated situation (politics, governments at all levels) is realized the true value of women? This also applies to those who hire.Because in fact, "women have children, there is no work or political person without them ".—Saeed Edwards in LauncestonI note that the Launceston City Council is proposing to spend $3 million.
xa0About the city heart project.
Please do not go to the Quadrant Mall.
It was fantastic and the atmosphere was real, almost as good as Double Bay in Sydney.How about $20?30,000 on Tatler Arcade, only 25 metres from our beloved shopping mall, a thorn in the eye of international standards and a disgrace to the city.There is an urgent need to paint, seat, plant and glass alternatives while eliminating the latest vulgar, disgusting graffiti at the entrance.
The removal of the bus station from the area was considered.Between 3.30pm and 4.30 working days, the whole area is reversedA Social and Frank uprising.—Malcolm Scott of Newstead
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