stand up arcade How to Make '80s Themed Party Decorations

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

The post-80 s brought us very cheesy pleasures like DingTalk pants, big bangs, Olivia Newton John's album, leggings, and Captain Eo.80 parties are a great way to celebrate the good, bad and ugly of a decade of popular culture.As long as you consider the style at the time, it is easy to decorate for the post-80 party.Buy some balloons and ribbons in pink, yellow and turquoise.Hang the inflatable balloon along the wall and hang the ribbon.If you are not big on balloons and ribbons, you can replace them with cassette tapes.Hang the box on the ceiling or wall and pull out the tape to use as a ribbon.Choose a zebra print or a sheet in neon pink, yellow and turquoise colors to cover the wall.Stick the paper to the wall to create a temporary wallpaper.Buy some posters of movies and celebrities in their 80 s and hang them on the sheets.Reuse old vinyl records by melting them in the oven and making them into bowls that hold food.Buy a few records from the thrift store.Put them in the oven above.down, oven-Safety glass bowl.Set the oven to 225 degrees.Bake for five minutes and then form when vinyl cools down.For more decoration, hang the record sleeves on the wall.Place Rubik's Cube, "Simon" and other games on the table between snacks and drinks.They will arrange the scene to entertain the guests.Choose high tackyA resolution photo of someone in their 80 s and zoom it in to the size of a real person.Ask the photo place to make a cardboard station-Give it to you if possible.Otherwise, stick the print on a large piece of cardboard.Cut two small pieces of cardboard with slots to help cut out and stand out.Set the stand-Take a photo at the door, greet the guests, or cut off the faces of the people in the photo and take a photo of the guests standing behind the cut, their faces showing.Cut the poster board with the shape and color of Pac Man and his ghost, and decorate a blank wall with ten years of favorite video games.Or use colored blocks of Tetris shape and color to get your guests back to the good times of the game.
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