stand up arcade How to Get Girls With Bad Boy Attitude, and Nice Guy Style

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
stand up arcade How to Get Girls With Bad Boy Attitude, and Nice Guy Style
This is a classic topic for men: what kind of man do women want, good or bad boy?An interesting data tells us what kind of man a woman wants.Survey of TopDatingTips.Com found that 38% of women prefer good people, 15% prefer bad people, and 34% prefer a mix of the two.Did you hear the last number?1/3 of women don't like men who are 100% good or 100% bad.
34% of people want someone who is a little good and a little bad in him.His merits make him very good to her, full of affection for her;The bad part of him got him excited, dangerous and powerful.Fortunately, it is not difficult to mix some bad parts with the good side.
This requires positive change in the way you look, feel and talk to women.You don't have to be a bad boy to get a girl.All you need to do is bring the attitude of the boy.
Good people can learn something from assholes.Many women avoid talking about men who look good because they don't want a man who is obedient, sticky and dependent.They don't want someone who can walk around.
Good people often treat a woman so politely that she can't imagine that he would ravage her on her desk.Be patient and head out and do everything you can to impress them, and when someone is inappropriate to you, you retreat: these are things that most girls can't stand.You act as if you are less than them and have no challenge.
Remember, you never want to give a woman a higher position than you.The reason women always like "bad guys" is because they show the quality of excellence that women desire: self-confidence, adventure, popularity.Unfortunately, good people just don't convey those things that girls fantasize about.
But good people can be similar to bad boys and get the women they want.Let's take a look at each method of introducing "bad boy attitude...1.Get physical.If you tell a woman that you do taekwondo, that there are black bands in karate, or that you have changed from your previous life as an amateur rugby player, she will immediately think that you are the kind of person who can protect her in an emergency.
Now, if you're 135-She may not believe you, so I suggest you go for some martial arts or self-defense training.Kick some ass on the football field.Go to the gym and exercise.Let the woman know that you are a warrior and she better believe it or you will continue with the next girl.2.Make her feel safe.By doing little things for her, such as walking on the sidewalk between her and the street, or keeping an eye on any potential danger, or when someone attacks her verbally or physically, she immediately stands up, she will learn to trust you, there is a bad guy in you who is ready to stand up for her and defend her if necessary.
It was the one who tied her to her seat belt on the roller coaster, or someone who reached out to keep her from traveling.Trust is built on these actions.3.Playing on her wild sideAs I said before, success with babies requires a risk-free attitude.If you are always worried about being politically correct, very polite, and the kind of gentleman she will introduce to her family, you will see the girl slip through your fingers again and again.
A bit outrageous.
Shameless flirting with herLet her know you find her attractive.A hint that will interest her.Say something, smile when her mouth falls.They may be shocked or even angry, but trust me: they will like it when you tease them.
Don't let anyone walk through you.
You will find yourself in a state of confrontation from time to time and everyone is looking at you.Stand up for yourself.Make it clear that you will not endure this treatment --Even a woman.No one has the right to talk to you in a positive confrontation, to start with you, or to threaten you.
Although your intuition may be to retreat from a scene, calm it down.The scene will attract people's attention. there will always be women watching in the crowd.
you can impress them by dealing with this situation.5.Cultivate attitude.I just can't emphasize it too much. how important it is to have a winning and confident attitude.You don't care what others say.You don't care what others think.No matter how a woman reacts, it will hit you directly.
That's because you can always control everything.No woman-Be it beautiful, popular or richHave power over youYou don't need anyone, you don't rely on anyone, and you don't need to be attached to anyone.Got it?Good.So try these methods.Work out.Like her protector.Stand up for yourself.And develop the attitude of thinking that you have the ability to do whatever you want.
You will soon become irresistible!.
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