stand up arcade games Rabbit Hutch - How Big Should A Rabbit Cage Be?

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
stand up arcade games Rabbit Hutch - How Big Should A Rabbit Cage Be?
How big should my rabbit cage be?If you have a rabbit or you want to buy one then you need a cage of some sort.The rabbit can enjoy quiet time here.But how big should this cage be?2 Ft.2 Ft.Why so big?Well, you want to give your rabbit a space to stretch, do a little exercise and even get up.Even if your rabbit may be small now, the bunny will grow up, so give your rabbit a cage that won't grow up.
Also, make sure the cage is well constructed, which means if you see something like a shredded chicken in the cage, jump down and leave it in the store.The floor is also strong.You want to avoid putting wires on the floor of the rabbit cage.Your rabbit paw is walking too much on the wire floor and there is a situation called "hochoc.
If you have a wire on your floor, then you can cover it with any kind of wood, with one exception: Don't use Redwood no matter what you do!It's very toxic for rabbits!Keep in mind that cages should not be used instead of real exercise time.Like humans, rabbits need exercise to stay healthy and happy.Also, how would he know each other if you and your new rabbit were in a cage all the time?When you have a rabbit as a pet and learn about their magical personality, you will miss the best part.
I'm sure your rabbit would love to know you better too!
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