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Comment on my song:.K.Chaudhary, I.A.P.E.N.Bihar, RS 2008.50/-ISBN 978-81-906165-1-5ByDr.Ramsharmasenio lecturer in English26, Shradhapuri stage-Meerut Kankerkhera 2 (United States of America)P.) Dr.Kumar Arbind jaudhry is an outstanding name for Indian English literature.Not only is he Editing the international literary magazine KOHINOOR, he is also making an effort for some of the famous literacy magazines.
He was declared 2003 efficient star by the home of letters, Orissa.Two of his poems, The Eternal Voice (2007 ).Voice of the World (2008) and My Song (2008 ).
This volume of my song (2008) is dedicated to the human suffering.In the preface of his volumeChaudhary asserted."The theme of this poem is based on nature, love, sadness, life, death, injustice, etc.
To live a poetic life is to regard the crown of thorns as the bed of roses.In fact, poetry is as natural as a child to a mother.This book contains 34 on different topics such as Nature, mystery and ceremony.
Chaudhary expresses the words of blessing in poems such as the cloud, the Magri, nature, the rainbow and spring.In the poem "The Cloud", the poet called the Cloud "the cloud to solve the thirst of the Earth "."You are a fire.Roar as a king.Happy and carefree wild.A slender branch.The poem nature reminds us of daffodils."Nature is under the oath of being alone, where animals are free and easy.
Nature will hate ".
Chowdhury created mystery in poems such as death.Hell, life and people.It seems to us that William Black is asking about death.“O Death!You are a slave to trauma, weakness and war.
Life, passion, and creatures.
Evil, demons and power ".
These questions remind us of serious questions that do not have any answers in these poems."Life is the crown of the rose, life is the bed of the rose, always on the wrong Fox.Dr.A.K.Chaudhary shows the happiness of the ceremony and takes us to celebrate festivals such as Bihu and Holi.
These two poems are amazing in the whole collection.“ O Fellows!The frenzy of love.Pleasure of Celetialmania.”(Bihu Geet)Dr.Chaudhary also wrote some poems about simple themes.In this category, here comes the people below --"Elegiac, explorer, friend, enemy, love, man, poet, poetry, religion, rich man.
Teacher, etc.
Each of these poems has rhyming verses.
In these poems, he appears to be a master craftsman and champion poet.“Away!Away!Judas kisses you, Vipers snake thought!A snake on the grass.I, a blue baby!Sworn friend.You, black eyes, enemies who don't wear the sky together(Friend) "the darling of spring.
Engage in important feelings.
Nepotism and hyprotism confirm the disaster.”(The Poor)Dr.Chaudhary wrote a number of satirical poems, such as Leader 1, terrorism and vision.1. let's think about where we are going."Faust of society.The nest of the VIP snake has a rare vision of the prey!You're the modern leader""Lack of love and wisdom.
To arouse people's discontent with terrorism.Puupy-The concept of love and pigBreeding dragon demon.(Terrorism) the first poem, awakening, makes us meditate, it presents a frustrating situation, and it also makes us stand up against corruption and terrorism.
“Arise!Arise!Demons exist in the hearts of everyone, and are prize idiots in every plot.Krishna is silent every moment.”(Awake)Dr.Chowdhury wrote a rhyming poem for himself, and he also wrote Shakespeare's sonnets.He ran off very successfully in this book of poetry and caught the attention of readers.
This book is a must read for every avid reader.The price of this volume is also reasonable
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