ping ball machine The Secret to Getting What You Want in 2011

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine The Secret to Getting What You Want in 2011
Remember the lyrics of Spice Girl "tell me what you want and what you really want?I'm asking you, what the hell do you want?This is the first step towards achieving this-figure out what you really want.Really.As basic as that one.If you don't know where you want to go, who you want to go or do, how will you get there?Many of us are rolling through life like wind and rolling grass to make life happen to us.I know, because I have been doing it for so many years.
Yes, I have a position, but for the longest time, I feel like a rolling grass, or more appropriately, like a ball in a pinball machine is banging.I hit the right position a few times and rang the bell and got some points, but inevitably, where did I end up?Some tilt, and then yes, you guessed right, in the hole.Over and out.It was time to start over, but there was no plan and it was all given the opportunity.
Now I know better.
I know how to get what I want.
I said it was a secret, but that's not the case.Before you start your life, it feels like one.When you have time.Now, I will give this to W for disclosure.
"It may sound too simple, but the result is great.Before a person is promised, there is hesitation, there is an opportunity to retreat, and it is always invalid.There is a fundamental truth about all the initiatives (and creations) that ignorance kills countless thoughts and magnificent plans: when one explicitly promises himself, so does Providence.
The decision triggered a series of events, triggering various accidents, meetings and material aid that no one could imagine.I have a great respect for Goethe's couplet: whatever you can do or dream of, start writing.There are genius, power and magic in bold!This is something I have lived for more than 20 years.
This sentence has been a mirror for many years, so I see it every day.These words run through my mind whenever I dream.I started, magic-Providence-moved with me.
I have experienced it too many times and I don't believe it.I also look for others, especially my clients.I can see that when they commit to something and take action, the universe stands up to meet them and helps them on their way forward.
You might think I'm a little woo.
You say it now, but trust me.
Take action towards your dreams and you will find out what you are looking.Still not sure?Do you believe the words of Henry David solo?Trying to live the life he imagined, he will encounter unexpected success in ordinary time.So I ask you, what exactly do you want?Can you promise to go?Can you break it down into feasible steps and start?Take the necessary action to get what you want?I bet you can.
Decide what you want2.
Write it on the index card and stick it to where you'll see it every day-better yet, put one on your bedside.3.Find out the first step to realize your dream.4.Take action.Pay attention to the signs of the universe/Providence/God putting you on hold.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach your dream
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