ping ball machine The Junk In Your Trunk, Parts 1 & 2

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine The Junk In Your Trunk, Parts 1 & 2
From the moment we were born to the moment we died, we are constantly writing our own life experiences in our minds;When we finish writing on the slate it is stored in an imaginary trunk where they exist all the time, until they are required as reference points to judge certain situations we record or other life events we do not have immediate reference.These slabs have a great deal of history and are placed on an imaginary trunk, depending on their perceived importance.They are classified as good or bad, good experiences are cultivated, articulated and elevated to a higher level, while bad experiences are often discarded, ignored and placed at the bottom of the trunk.
Whether it's real or imaginary, bad experiences get bogged down in anger, jealousy, arrogance, self to a large extentJust a few examples, center and fear.They are events in life that do not happen as we expect, plan or hope.While we have never told him what we expect from him, someone has not acted as we wish.
A less qualified person gets the job or promotion that we think should be given.We will lose what we already have, or the world will ...... And lose us?This list continues endlessly!However, these bad or negative experiences are just as important to our lives and our mental state as those we consider good or positive;For if the lessons that these experiences try to teach us continue not to be learned, they will appear again and again until we learn, or suffer and die because we have not done so.
.These three features determine our performance at any time.If these features are not well nourished and developed, we will show negative and crazy behavior. For example, it is not possible to see or accept what others think about life or the world in which we live.
We will only deal with the problems that are related to us and ourselves.centered end.Those of us who are not connected to ourselves or reality tend to be distracted.We put our inability to live under the feet of others.
Those who disagree with us or with people who are different from us, we believe to be fewer.Differences or differences in race, society, finance or religion are not important;Because for many of us, it is necessary to feel good about ourselves, and we feel superior to others.Because we fail, or refuse, to learn the lessons life has been trying to teach, many of us turn to the chemicals that change our emotions to ease the chaos and frustration of life.
We're stuck in a self.
Sooner or later, we will be prey to hell.
We condemn ourselves if we do not condemn others.But somehow we manage to hide our true feelings behind the overbearing and superior appearance of the knowledgeable, which is nothing more than a display of selfcentered fear.So we continue to live, like the ball in the pinball machine, bouncing from one obstacle to another, and when we go through life, would make quite a noise and we ended up falling off the hole at the bottom of the machine!For any sane person, it should be clear that if he has to belittle another person in order to feel good about himself, then there is a big problem with his thoughts!But this soul-self-.
He often wears a mask.
The face he shows to the world is not the real image of his real identity.His real feelings are deeply buried by layers of distortion and unresolved problems that he ignores or chooses to ignore from fear of self-exposure.A person with a distorted sense of self will send out all kinds of evil.
The man often returns to incitement.
He will seek to involve other people who think like him, by attracting their weaker side, their emotions and prejudices, and what they can and often do together, create chaos in the lives of people they think are not as good as themselves.These people are never in line with something or someone because they are not aware that their criticism and hatred of others is slowly dragging them into the abyss of despair!The ten-step motto says that I have a problem when I am upset.This is not to say that others have problems when I am upset.
Our lives are largely a matter of choice.
We decide how we will live, whether we are happy or unhappy;No one can change this unless we allow them to do so.There is nothing in our life that we have no choice.But in order to change our feelings, we must first change the way we think.
However, it is not as easy as it sounds to change the life of distorted thinking, because there is a root cause for not changing.Change and failure are the same for distorted thoughts.That means you're not the one you think you are.
Change means you have to honestly admit that the person, place or thing you are referring to has little to do with how you feel or the situation in your life.You must stop blaming others and take a long, hard and honest look at yourself.When you do this, you will find that the main reason you accuse others of being your fault is that you refuse to take responsibility for yourself and you are unhappy and angry about making the wrong choice.
Almost every day, I see some people being destroyed physically, mentally and mentally by the demons of the selfFocus on fear and hatredThese are willful people who will do almost anything in order to achieve their goals.Regardless of their economic or social status, these people live a miserable life.They will continue to move on the path of pain and suffering until they find that little bit of honesty that will save them from life-long criticism of others while truly hating themselves.
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