ping ball machine Knock, Bump and Whoosh!

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine Knock, Bump and Whoosh!
Every year, we honestly portray ourselves as someone other than ourselves, fearlessly venturing into the night, asking strangers and friends for what we want.Sing "trick or treat without sugar!"On the nearby streets, we are filled with confidence, our rich rewards, sweet and free giving, and full of the biggest containers we dare to hold.Life also provides us with an opportunity to boldly demand our desires from others and the universe.
Just as our expectations of the creepy "night bumps" are sometimes realized on Halloween, other evidence outside of us will also be intertwined with our humanity, enter our daily experience.Knocking is not just a childhood formulaic Riddle, the spirit of knocking on the door of our consciousness forces us to awaken new possibilities.My friend Ann's apartment is filled with sound and noise from foreign tourists, resonating with loud knock or rap sounds on her wooden front door.
The wooden door is closed, behind a locked metal security door, so no one has access to the wood, but the sound echoes in her living room-big enough for her neighbors too!Ann gave up going to the door to see her anxious caller because after dozens of times she found no one there.Spirit also knocks on our door.Most of the time, the spirit is there to ask for an invitation to enter our lives, but find that we are not answering at home.We hear the call for a greater life over and over again, either ignoring it or finding that we cannot face the greatness it brings.
We must prepare the same, knock on the door of opportunity, and respond to the call when the opportunity calls us.Take the initiative to enjoy a good life, you may get "hospitality!"You did not expect!From fender to bumper car, we often equate collision with collision in transportation.rousting about.When we encounter invisible power, we sometimes feel a hovering entity or looming feeling around us, daring to collide with the comfort zone we bypass.
Since our bodies are transporting our means of transport on Earth, there is a natural collision with others and the spirit around us.There is nothing to be afraid of, and these gentle impacts upon our existence are meant to remind us of the awakening world in which we roam.Like the bumper in the pinball machine, life is there, solid and still, waiting for us to hit it.
We fly in different directions, most of the time not because of any epiphany of understanding, but because of the impact itself-the impact we create.When life or spirit meets us, it will give us a touching reminder to awaken the events and emotions around us as we travel on Earth.From the warning shift of avoiding accidents to the gentle push for better things, life reminds us of the infinite power of being a gentle teacher.
Whoosh!The older we are, the faster time we have.Our perceptions and strengths have changed over time, reflecting the accumulation of our experience.Time, when we explain it through peopleThe dial and clock made remain the same, as some say, round or infinite.
Invisible thoughts, entities, and even energy surround us, examine us, and disappear in an instant.Deja Vu's indescribable feelings, or our instinctive choices, represent our higher selves in life.When life appears in a state of daily mediocrity that we do not know, we waste precious time in a coma that is out of contact.
Wake up from the drudgery sleep and live the life you want!We often "wake up" and we find our children married-wondering where their childhood went?Can twenty years pass without your consciousness?To make matters worse, have those years passed without us enjoying and satisfying precious moments?Halloween reminds us to go out of the normal characters and experience new things.With weird knocks, bumps and whoo, we attract things that we fear but know are real.When our real fears exist within us, it's easy to blame naughty ghosts for their frequent pranks against us-we're too scared to face them.
As the nurturer of our spirit and the guide of mercy, life rings the door of our consciousness, providing us with a deeper existence, hitting us, and moving us on a higher path, we remind us that it's never too late to wake up!
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