ping ball machine How to Make a Gumball Machine Costume

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Gum Machine clothing is an interesting, budget-Good idea for HalloweenPerfect for novice craftsmen who like notsew projects.This dress is made up of peas and T-shirts.Shirt, very comfortable to wear.For best results, please use pom-Basic, primary color poms.Create a 25 cent symbol for your T-shirt.Cut the numbers "2" and "5" from their iron"Background, if necessary.Place the numbers on the top of the white felt and place them on the bottom left-Corner of hand, 1 1/2 from the edge.Use the "cotton" setting on the iron to exert firm or even pressure on both numbers.Slowly move the iron on the numbers.Heat for 45 seconds or until the numbers are consistent with the felt.Different brands may have different heating times.For numbers, please refer to the instructions on the package.Use the iron carefully.Work on the ironing board, or on a flat, hard surface with a towel.Never touch the hot metal plate of the iron.Put the white felt aside.Completely cooled.Delete the numbers "0" and "1 ".\ "These numbers will be used to make the cent symbol.Cut horizontally on "0" to create two "c" shapes.The cent logo can be used in any "c" shape.Examples of replacement include parts of IronOn the letter "D", "G", or "O.Cut each side of the number "1" and create a vertical line.Any straight line can be used for the cent mark.The straight line must be longer than the "c" shape.Replacement includes parts of other iron-Numbers or letters.Place the "c" shape on the right side of "5.\ "Add a straight line at the top of \" c \ "to create the cents symbol.Trim the white felt and leave a 1/2 border around "25.Place the white "25" logo on a black felt.Make sure there are at least 1/2 black felt around the white rectangle.Hot glue in place.Use the hot glue gun carefully.It was very hot when the glue left the glue gun for the first time.Do not touch the glue until it is completely dry.Trim the black felt and leave a 1/2 border around the white rectangle.Place the "25" logo in the center of the red shirt.Hot glue in place.Position the felt rectangle before gluing to the shirt.Hot glue pom-There are baby bags on both sides of white peas.Hot glue will dry soon.Once it's done, you can wear your new dress.Pair your gum machineA shirt with gum and jeans or leggings.
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