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A few days ago, a close friend of mine complained to me in a similar industry.I sit at my desk and I find it difficult to accomplish anything that makes sense.Compared to yoursHow did you do it?"It's a question worth thinking about, and hopefully this article will provide you and my friends with some proven ideas that you can take away and practice to improve your output.
So I have a long way to go from perfection.However, I seem to do more than most people, so we started ...... 1.Cars that run out of fuel will not drive.There are also cars with dirty fuel everywhere along the way.
Again, if you want a high output, you must have a high quality input in a healthy body form.This means plenty of sleep, two liters of filtered water before two o'clock P.M. every day, lots of fresh and raw vegetables and high quality protein.
You only need 30 minutes per class ).
Sense of purpose and appreciation for progress (see point 2) and timeout.I often emphasize this, and over the years, hundreds of customers have benefited from the approach of "doing less and achieving more.The simple fact is: if you don't have a job for two days a week, at least you don't have a job.
It includes reading the business part of the newspaper, secretly watching your email, or eagerly watching business news on TV-so that you gradually reduce the storage of "spiritual energy.When this happens, you will not be able to sustain any positive efforts.You'll revert to bouncing like a pinball in a pinball machine from flippers like email and phone.
This is the first: take two days a week, take at least one week off each quarter, and run away from home.Two weeks a quarter is ideal and there are four weeks in the summer vacation.I love swimming on the beach on weekends, like the cafe kick back to enjoy espresso, I chat if I'm with my loved ones, and I read well if I'm alone.
The budget is tight and we go camping and sometimes we take them to Disneyland (I prefer camping, frankly!)..Rest and entertainment should be seen as a pioneer of high productivity rather than a reward for hard work.In the same way, cattle must eat grass before milk is produced.
Then the coin will follow ".
I love racing but after 3 seasons my total bonus is $8.67.I may like it very much, but I like it very much.The trick is to find what you like to do and you can make money from it.
Profit is the way we go.
If you don't like what you're doing, your productivity will be as bad as my motorcycle race.So don't do it. do something else.This may be problematic, but certainly not complicated.Or divide the parts of the characters you don't like, write some systems for them, and then hire someone to train them on the system.
You are free to do what you like best and you can make more money from it.3.On the last Friday of most months, it took me about four hours to plan the next month in detail.Product development work.Usually around 8-12 days per month, this is a proactive job.
These are the "big rocks" that Steven Covey is talking about, and everything else has to adapt these days.I "isolate" them these days to protect them from email and other reactive temptations.This is what most people do.All the little things they do give them instant gratification, but it's like spending all the money on ice cream and never saving money for a car.
As far as my brain type is concerned, the only way this method works is to use the whole day for specific resultsg.Marketing day, Product Creation Day or seminar day for learning and planning.Whole days.It's not a few hours here, it's not a few hours there.
Many years ago, I trained with Rick Wells, then the world triathlon champion.I asked him to train several hours a week."It's about 30 years old," he said."Wow," I replied, "it must be hard!He looked at me and blinked with a smile and replied, "it's not that bad if you win .
Isn't that true?If you work hard and you win, it's all an incentive.But if you don't make progress, or you're too busy to stop and think about your progress, the opposite is true: very badmotivating.Most Friday late afternoon, I met with my good friend and business partner, Mr.
Kessler of Germany via Skype, and each of us reviewed our progress for the week and previewed our plans for next weekI look forward to that meeting, and if I want to slack off in a week, I remind myself that I want to submit a positive report with Thomas on Friday.So find a friend and take time out every Friday afternoon to review and preview your progress against the target.5.This last point implies that you have established specific and measurable goals and identified activities and projects that need to be completed to achieve them.
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