ping ball machine Emotional Sensitivity

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine Emotional Sensitivity
Some of the articles written by therapists and health care professionals on borderline personality disorders seem to almost devalue the patient's emotional sensitivity, and they are characterized by an emotional response that has undergone extensive changes for a while.Some people believe that patients with BPD have multiple personalities.This is not a strict fact..I believe there are multiple emotional responses to the same stimulation in patients with BPD.
We just seem to be moving quickly from one emotion to another.A variety of conflicting emotions may exist more or less at the same time.A person is either paralyzed by opposing forces, and it seems that emotions are hindered, or a quick rebound between the expressions of each of them.
For fear of the resulting confusion and rejection, some cover up the confusion with calm false air.Such a person is eager to be liked, but may appear alienated or insincere.They may seem calm, but they are dealing with tensions within them with great willpower.
Feelings are associated with pain.
Maybe you don't know how to feel, because you feel different things at the same time.I'm not too contradictory, I feel like a pinball, bounce from one idea to another, bounce in the flash, vibrate the pinball machine in my mind until I slide past the bumper, then, during my run, I rolled into the hole at the bottom of the machine.I don't know who else can share this chaotic mood with me other than my therapist, so I'm out of it.
I created a split.
These are not fully formed split personalities, but containers of splitoff emotions;This is the way I manage the mess.By connecting these splits to certain people and places, I can show consistency and emotional harmony to external observers (literally: the same idea ), as long as I keep this character in front of them.In the case of long periods of time or pain or high emotional requirements, it is difficult to maintain.
Feeling more comfortable with superficial attachment or short attachment to othersterm?Intimate relationship with virtual strangers.It seems too simple to describe these symptoms as emotional sensitivity, but it is clear that this syndrome affects a person's ability to form an important attachment to others.This is ironic, because I believe that emotional confusion is the result of the pain experienced during the baby period, the pain of insecurity, instability, or unorganized attachment to the mother or primary care staff.
?Is the first researcher to develop the main study of human attachment and loss in his work "Attachment and Loss", Trilogy, Volume 1, "annex" published in 1969, it was re-published in 1982 and incorporated new research.The trilogy is re-It was more widely accepted.?\ "Infants are associated with sensitive and responsive adults in their social interactions with infants, who have been caregivers for a period of about 6 months to 2 years of age.
Parents' responses lead to the development of attachment patterns, which in turn lead to "internal working patterns" that will guide the feelings, thoughts and expectations of individuals in future relationships.In the Bowlby approach, human infants are considered to need to establish a safe relationship with adult caregivers, without which normal social and emotional development does not occur ".As a result, the mother or caregiver has failed to perform the duty of protection for the child.
Post-traumatic stress disorderI had this diagnosis myself, but I don't think it's accurate.A young person or adult with a BPD is experiencing a transaction or interaction between an abusive or ineffective environment and his or her own emotional sensitivity.Symptoms such as division and other primitive defenses, lack of identity (identity diffusion), fear of abandonment and unreality (mistakes in reality testing) are adaptations to toxic environments and/or toxic histories.
Many patients with BPD exhibit impulses (consumption, promiscuity), anger, suicidal tendencies, strong, disturbing feelings and intimacy in which the other person is either idealized, it seems unfair to be despised though to describe these as errors.Instead, they are alert expressions that evolve in order to protect future generations of humans, although they may delay a lot of time.Influenced attachment theory, so it is generally believed that the formation of attachment between infants and caregivers has the evolutionary benefit of protecting immature infants.
We have built in this alarm system to alert the caregiver and protect the child.Unfortunately, as adults or children, we are not doing enough to deal with these alarms.Breakdown of relations and violence;All social costs of a dysfunctional mental health system.
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