ping ball machine Becoming ONE with the Inner Guru . . . Or How to Make Saturn Your BFF

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine Becoming ONE with the Inner Guru . . . Or How to Make Saturn Your BFF
"It will guide your life before you realize the unconscious, and you will call it fate.Saturn will enter Sagittarius on December 23, 2014!This means that we will enter a new one.and-a-half to three-year-The most positive and interesting cycle --As Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter is the planet of our most active energy, and the natural ruler of the Ninth House, becoming the explorer of truth through higher teachings that expand consciousness.
YAY!Because thought is the builder of everything we create and perceive.Over the next few years, we will have the opportunity to restart the screen we perceive and, depending on how positive or negative we are about our belief structure, re-create our personal reality with direct equations. this is how we live.No matter what house we have in Sagittarius, this will be particularly obvious.
Free birth chart: Astro.
One of the most common exclamations I hear when I do the astrological interpretation is: "But why does Saturn have to cross there?I always respond with a smile, "Well, Saturn must be somewhere.” Why?Because, if we look at the Earth level as a school for soul growth and each avatar as a different class, Saturn's role is to define the curriculum as we go through the Cycles and Seasons of Life.Saturn, traditionally known as The Lord of Karma, was known in ancient Greece as Kronos, who ruled the Earth as a father.
And, since we include the universe and all the planetary energies in US as the miniature universe of the macro world, Saturn is a part of each of us and an internal guru --Or a spiritual mentor.By embracing the structure and rules of the Earth game, their lesson is --Including the use of linear space and time tools.Therefore, we all have an innate inner Saturn or karma teacher, expressed through Saturn's position in our chart of birth.
Also, we have activated our pre-Through the movement of Saturn, through ourselves and through various areas of our lives, there is a wealth of karmic lessons for this incarnation.Our karma course takes place at 28-30 year Saturn-Return cycle, because that's how long it takes for Saturn to get back to where we were at birth, and in each cycle, when Saturn goes through the twelfth house, we go through some concrete lessons.e.About two of us and a part of our lives-and-a-Half a year increment.
The first SaturnThe return cycle activates the karma for healing in our incarnation.That's why, when we were in our teens and twenties, it was so important to have a lot of adventures and beautiful scenery --Travel and a variety of relationships and creative/career trialsBefore we make an irreversible big life decisionBecause our second SaturnReturn cycle starting at 3060 is when our karma begins to mature.So after thirty is the best time to lock in the main avenues of work and love through which we will develop the right use of our will, because we learn to be co-creators through manifestation in our personal reality.
Then, in our Uranus opposition cycle, age 38-42, traditionally called mid-In life crisis, we will have many opportunities to consciously make different choices, not just to react from the karmic patterns we are accustomed.This will allow us to heal any karmic pattern that offers little or no further soul growth by taking risks and expanding our reach --Rather than sticking to the known, safe...Has stalled.By age 58-60 when we enter our 2nd Saturn review-Returning to the cycle, ready to be on the edge of our 3rd Saturn cycle, we can review the spiritual outcomes we have achieved and the soul lessons we have learned, when we gather our strength to enter what I call the "victory round" from the age of 6090.
Probability has expanded from a mature age of 50 or so a century ago to 80.90-In more than the 100 s, our 3rd Saturn cycles are more about focusing our energy on the good times of the past between things on earth and spending more time communicating with the spirit, astrologers tell their clientsIf they're 60It's time to start moving towards the light.HA!Read more about how life expectancy in 21st century is affected by our physical karma: Why is this happening to me?If we do not complete the work that our incarnation has to do, and feel so sorry at the age of 60, that we cannot seem to muster lifeWe need 30 more-This year's Saturn cycle, many of us choose to end this incarnation and look at our bodies --Sometimes conscious, but usually only half.
If we choose to start life again unconsciouslyBy realizing that we have more of what we want to do in this incarnation, rather than not committing to the swing of another karmic cycle, our relationship with life --Strength and our bodies, as a manifestation of this profound contradiction, are beginning to show more and more physical symptoms.A lot of people go back to the old selfActs of destruction as a wayurge.In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, until about 40 years old, people think that most of us can ride for free because we are from our pre-birth chi (i.
Vitality energy or prana ).
To replenish our anger.
When we were in our fifties, in the model of traditional Chinese medicine, if we had not yet begun to take better care of our lives,.That's why the 2nd Saturn cycle ends on the 58 th.60 it is so important to consciously re-commit this incarnation and do everything we can to replenish and stabilize our bodies.
I always say that the body needs more maintenance every decade, and it is especially important to consciously implement this when we reach the age of 40, 50, especially 60.I can prove this in person because I am in my 60 s now and so are many clients I work with, since we are both in our 20 s and 30 sIf we want to learn how to enjoy playing Earth games skillfully, it is crucial that Saturn be our friend.Then, we can choose to accept the pain of clean and sharp growth brought about by learning lessons and growing up in any situation life throws us, as an opportunity to continue our dharma, or the path of karma in life.
It's more painful than we just say we tear the band off.Help heal our karma.I think challenging external events is a form of mental resistance training, the energy of the outer planets --Especially Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.Driving us to grow in our weakest places makes us stronger.
This is also why I call it the most onerous external environment triggered by transit of outer planets: "FGO --Have the opportunity to grow!"The pain of embracing emotions and spiritual growth is easier said than done, especially before we reach our first Saturn --Return the loop when we start to mature.Until then, the dirtiest word in English for most of us was: "discipline, hard work, patience, and delayed gratification."However, these are exactly the qualities of the soul that Saturn has encouraged us to develop in our characters in order to better play earth games.
Personally, this is of course true, because in my twenties, until my first Saturn, I was a party girl --return-Loop when I clean up my behavior.In fact, most of us do not want to continue to heal our karma, which is represented in the birth chart by the North node of the moon or the road of life of our dharma, at least before we return Saturn for the first time around 27.28 hear the voice of our internal guru whispered: "The fixture is good ".
So even though I have a very strong position and it's good overallIn my chart, Saturn: 1.I have Capricorn connected to the north node, which means that Saturn is in charge of my chart (because the main star of our rising chart is in charge of our chart, giving it more2.Saturn is the highest in my chart, (give it more weight again), and in Libra, is the sign of his ascension --The best way to express3.
Saturn combines with my wealth.
The greatest joy), Mercury and Neptune at the tip of the house on the 8 th (healing of the mind) and on the 9 th (teaching.When I was in my twenties, I still kicked and screamed to continue my Saturn classes.I remember doing a reading for myself at the age of 24 when I asked how to be the best trance channel --Because I have been working as a whole since I was 19 years old.
My guide said, "practice, practice, practice!The more books you read, the better you get.You better clean up your party girl show.e.Smoke marijuana every day) Or you might "go out" and won't come back because you haven't been grounded in your body yet.Guess what?Even if Saturn had a huge positive impact on my chart, my reaction was still to stop reading clearly for nearly three years so I could continue to get together.
I didn't touch my mood until I was 28 years old --Changed substance addiction, I surrendered after reading and developing Saturn's designated soul qualities, and I have resisted for so long.Looking back, I have a feeling that if I don't have the option to finally clean up my behavior at my first Saturn --return-Cycle, I may have become so selfThrough my addiction, I may have checked out or ended up damaging at some sort of mental institution...Like many souls.So embrace the character of these SaturnBuilding quality is exactly the type of Karma course we can acquire --When Saturn passes through our 12 houses every 28 months30-year-cycle—We can choose to pursue growth --Of course, including the troubles of growth.
Or continue to suffer.
If we don't have our environment like karmically, just come to someone like me with a little sorrow and ask, "when will it end?"My answer is, yes, I actually said," Never!Until you stop fighting Saturn and make him your friend.Saturn will restart our perspective on the soul.Remain open to exploration: "What are the lessons of this transit and how can I accept and move on?Of course, the challenge is always that Saturn asks us to grow and become emotionally mature people by developing character traits related to soul growth upgrades, and most of the time, during Saturn's transit, we just want to lie down and eat candy, said to Saturn, "Haven't I done enough?Of course, Saturn always replied, "there is always more room.
"I call it to cultivate the taste of our spirit Brussels sprouts.As a karmic astrologer, the first thing I see in the birth chart is (after the nodes of the moon, the node of the moon represents your karmic direction or Dharma and the position of your karma past Saturn.For, as the traditional Lord of Karma, a powerful Saturn without significant pain means that it is easier to accept Saturn's rules of the game gracefully --Kick and scream less, project or selfjudgment.
At least after the first Saturn.
Is the return loop.
When I see in someone's birth chart that their Saturn is sitting at their rising point, their sun or moon, their Venus, Mercury or Mars --My initial reaction was always "Ouch!Because it means that there may be a karmic tendency to be very picky, judgmental, and harsh about yourself, through which the personal planet is oppressed by Saturn's calm and sometimes harsh gaze, especially in the area of life or house where Saturn and personal planets affect residence, accompanied by the tone of the Union.For example, I know a Saturn who is sitting in the perfect Virgo and is in a rising position or a personal role. They always look like they are on their way to their own funeral and have a low tolerance for staying happy for a long time because they feel uncomfortable or not worth it, especially around othersThe same is true of Saturn in the sun;People feel that life is like having a thumb on them and pressing them from flowering.
Or, with the moon, you can feel depressed when expressing emotions spontaneously.Saturn is on Venus and you will feel lonely even in the most intimate moments with your partner.For Mars, when they try to accelerate, it seems that their ambition, motivation and action will brake on them, and I always call it the Saturn/Mars phase: "As the break goes on, full speed forward "-Especially in the fire sign.
With Mercury, there may be a tendency for Glass to be half full.When I was synastrye.Saturn plays an important role for future couples.Because if not necessary, some Saturn penalty or challenge to each other's personal planets is considered good, which means a potential growth relationship, not just a love affair.
However, when I see one person's Saturn sitting right in the ascending orbit of another person, the sun, moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus --I do feel obliged to tell them that the person sitting under the thumb of Saturn on the other side may feel depressed or judged, and it is difficult for you to breathe freely over time, or feel the need to walk on eggshells.Over timeSo they can deal with this work consciously and transform it.Or the partnership they feel seems to be suffocated by it.
I 've also ignored these warning signs, and I 've been dating a couple of Saturn's men on my Venus or Mercury in the past.Let's say, I 've learned a lesson that a man's Saturn on one of my personal planets is a clear red flag, and if it's a combination, it's a deal breaker.Personally, with Natal Saturn on my Mercury, I work hard every day, always restarting my perspective and focusing on half a cup in any case.
and play.
This means that I have a natural way to enjoy and play all the lessons and rules of the Earth games that Saturn expresses, and I am trying to express these lessons and rules by working with others.We can also associate with Saturn/Mars born or transit in a positive way --I call it focused action.The same is true of Saturn on the moon.When I work with clients in this situation, I encourage them to accept the fact that they may always feel sad or melancholy in the emotional body, instead of suppressing this feeling or projecting it by accumulating people who are sad or depressed in their lives, they have been trying to heal it.
Calm, from which happiness, joy and happiness can occur spontaneously.The same is true of Saturn/Venus, who can feel a form of anehodia through the senses and/or inner happiness, or lack of happiness.Calm is the key, as neutrality becomes rather enjoyable, which lays the foundation for more optimistic positive feelings and spontaneous emotional production.
Not only are losses and personal liabilities, but also a list of your own assets and benefits.For those who are essentially against any individual planet with Saturn, it is more of a tendency to show negative Saturn qualities, such as depression, oppression, or judgment of others or life itself, as a perennial opponent.But at least, with the support of the opposition, people will be more conscious of what they are doing.
These projections may become more unconscious and therefore more insidious as Saturn and personal planets are square.That's why I'm looking for Saturn's square in the birth chartEspecially for personal planets, rising planets or midheaven planets.Signs of some of the most important karmic factors to work and heal as soul incarnations.
The main karmic work is to bring these unconscious projections into consciousness, have them in a positive way and work with them, thus transforming any negative tendencies in their expression.Special consideration is required when explaining T-The four-phase pattern in the birth chart, especially Saturn.A T-When a planet forms a square with another planet (or angle), the square forms.
When viewed in a chart, the pattern is similar to the letter T.A T-The square inspires people's motivation and courage, but it also shows the tension and conflict inside and outside.I have a cardinal.In my chart of stars, my rising/north node is in Capricorn, opposite my Uranus/South node/descendant, with my Saturn/Mercury/Neptune in Libra.
I can prove that this T-As long as I don't go back to my south node lazy and addictive mode, the square energy gives me motivation and ambition.So when we T--Guidance, especially if the pattern falls on a basic or fixed constellation, we need to be careful not to waste our energy by taking habitual karmic patterns that may lead to unnecessary conflicts and setbacks, especially if the Karma node is part of T -.square.Cardinal T-The square can be very impatient, but also aggressive and initiated.
Fixed T-The square can be tenacious, stubborn, indomitable, or persistent problems and setbacks for too long.Mutable T-The square can produce a lot of restless, frequent whimsical and frequent changes in mind, but can be very good at adapting to the environment.Intermediate leg or focal planet of T-The Square (in my case, Saturn/Mercury/Neptune) is the point of great activity, over-compensation, and activation.
This is where one seeks to resolve or resolve conflicts established by the opposition, especially by consciously focusing on the uninhabited areas opposite the planet of focus.That's why I tried to release my T-The square passes through the missing legs of Aries, the 3rd Palace, and expresses itself in a unique way through communication.Note that crossing through the missing leg area of T-may be a revelationsquare—There may be important life events during these periods.
The T-The square side represents Saturn's character, because this structure gives certain obstacles and the need to overcome them, and also gives us a strong, powerful and ambitious desire to act.Stress and understanding of challenges and conflicts (internal or external) are required here to resolve T-Only in this way can we achieve great achievements and success.As a whole, T-Square is a dynamic configuration from which we can get the drive strength.
If the T-The square is the basic sign that we can be dynamic and fast, and even if the situation is extremely dangerous, we will start to act immediately and tend to interfere in the affairs of others.When the T-The square is fixed. we can operate slowly, but we must be firm.Initially, people will always find all possible problems before taking action.
A mutable T-Square usually represents an obstacle that leads to indecision.But in general, especially with the participation of Saturn, we can thank T-Square has given us, as witnessed in the chart of every successful person I have studied.The T-Punishment with Saturn seems to be an integral part of achieving ambition.
From the sofa.
There are not many square people, especially not at least one T-In their charts, square often does not have any internal motivation or ability to push itself to the world.So while those who have big triangles may have a very pleasant life and some good things are easy to get on them, we have T-Squares related to Saturn, as we grow and develop new soul qualities and character forces, Saturn is born to be the promoter and destroyer of the manifest world.One of the most challenging aspects of the birth chart, therefore, if it is consciously co-operated and overcome, it will provide more potential for growth, that is, the great cross, especially the participation of Saturn.
If a big cross (four or more planets are square or opposite to each other) appears in the birth chart, you have the ability to make surprising efforts and strenuous activities.The direction of these efforts and actions depends on the signs and houses where the Grand Cross is located.The basic cross always indicates the speed of action, and the fixed cross is strongly pronounced as resoluteness at the time of action, while the variable cross depends in many ways on the actions and reactions of others.
Any attempt to solve a problem related to a planet in the Grand Cross will put a burden on other planets related to the problem.Therefore, people have to accelerate from one crisis situation to another, and can not concentrate on solving any situation for a long enough time, so as to truly find a constructive solution.The key is to consciously work with a planet with a big cross, which has the most harmonious aspect with a planet that is not involved in the big cross, because it will enable you to re-develop for easier progress.
Many people may feel hit, or fall into a static state, fixing them with a big cross of birth, while being attacked by life events, because when the transit planet hits the big cross, all the planets involved in this pattern will also be activated.It can feel that a person's personality is like a pinball machine, which is constantly dominated by a changing environment.Reading, especially this type of configuration, is the best way to release these potentially fixed energies by sending out triangles and Liuhe to planets that are part of the big cross.
You then have a way out to focus and collaborate through conscious authorized actions.It is very important to remember this, especially Saturn, that our souls choose all the circumstances in which we were born, including the birth chart, as the perfect tool for activation, to bounce back at the bottom and heal the karma of our incarnation, as the basic level of our soul mission, so that our true soul goals can blossom completely.Those of us who choose to come in with Saturn T.
The square, especially the big square.
The cross will never let this life go!For more information on this, see: LEELA's journey to the north node of our karmic destiny is a lifetime journey with infinite depth, so don't be goal-oriented, however, at the same time, we must stick to it.I always say that even if you never explain your chart, all you have to do is think about where in life you least want to go, want to have the qualities that you are most resistant to or afraid of developing, and this is probably where your north node is.HA!Especially before our first Saturn.The regression cycle ends at the age of thirty, because the first cycle is to activate and exert the karma we heal here.
In fact, for most souls, until our Uranus-opposition-Cycle of 38 years old42 completely eliminated in our old karma until the age of 50, willing to enter all the dark corners and gaps we still need to treat as our Chiron returns until our 2nd SaturnReturn at 58-Accept all of our karma lessons gracefullyNot barely.The impact of Saturn on our personal planet that I just mentioned, in our birth chart, is equally true when we go through the transit of these aspects.The good news is that when Saturn passes through our rising or personal planets, this effect usually lasts only a year or so at most (every 28-30 years), not as part of our pre-loading karma, what we have to deal with all our lives.
For example, I remember that on 2004, I experienced the last transit of Saturn on the moon of cancer.Even though I work consciously with this vehicle, I can't help but feel very depressed, sad, melancholy and melancholy --Even though everything on all levels of my life has never been so beautiful!This is especially surprising to me because I had a born Jupiter in late Gemini combined with my early cancer moon, so as my natural tendency I tend to be emotionally moreThere is no doubt that this experience confirms the power of Saturn's transit and helps me to work with people who are born with this ability, help them meet and collaborate with Saturn/personal planet in the most positive way.I even have a client with Saturn/Moon to consult with their loved ones and business partners so I can explain to them why my client is always in a melancholy or sad tone, so they won't try to cheer them up again!Especially for the rising cheerleaders type giupetienne or Sagar.
Finally, here's a metaphor for the benefits of embracing the rules of the Earth game with enthusiasm and making Saturn our friend, from Ram Das, one of my favorite spiritual mentors.Before starting a conscious spiritual journey at the age of thirty, he said, he felt trapped in a very small karmic cell with only his nervous system and personality flaws.But when he was 60, while his nervous system had not disappeared, his cell had expanded to the size of a large stadium or stadium, and he had reached a non-Attachment to his neurosis so that he can play with them.
He called them "schmoos ".
So once he hugs and becomes friends with all these previously repressed or judged parts, he starts to experience and enjoy life more passionately from a place of unified consciousness.In other words, he learned how to become more free under his own conditions.This is something I have done a lot over the years and taught for my healing clients.
In this exercise, I summon from the heart all the incarnations of the highest evolution that I can remember --These are all in the cellular memory of our mental bodies, and we just forget.That is, until we reactivate our memory through the past.Or travel inside.When I string all the "greatest blows" in my head and tune to their conscious level while they meditate, the place I come is the same: complete integration or oneness with the source.
It is in this place where there is no separation from everything that communication with our inner mentors will lead us.Then we can experience the higher truth: me.The universe is made up of energy.All energy is conscience.There is only one existence in the end...Billion facesIV.There is only one inner teacher...He lives in each of us.If you are ready to be one with your inner mentor and make Saturn your friend, consider reading karma astrology with me.
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