ping ball machine An open letter to internet marketers

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
ping ball machine An open letter to internet marketers
Hi Smart Guy: Just wanted to discuss the latest "ad" of the latest WordPress plugin I received from you ".Who wrote these things?I counted and had to scroll down about 13 hype-filled screens before I got the price.Of course, there is always a "Pro" version for more money.
I'm going to tell you a big secret.
For free, I won't do it with 13 screens.
Your typical users (and prospects) * hate these ads.I think some sharp scammers dream of this format and all of you have been copying it since then.If so, you may hurt your sales more than you know.
What are all the scary graphics and different fonts?It's like trying to read the mobile pinball machine.The original author of this format obviously does not know what to sell on the network;It was so hot that there was a disappointing steak at the end."But it works," you said .".Maybe it does.But how do you know two?Wouldn't screen advertising be more effective?Do you know what web availability is?Haven't you read Jacob Nelson?(See Wikipedia) I don't think so.
"Don't let me think !" How about that?\ "You may not have read that book either."But I want to make my ad stand out and catch them," sez you.Everything is fine-As an example of how to not write a copy on the web.
Here is the big secret #2, which is also free and worth thinking about.Ready?Here is: I, Fritz, a typical user is very annoyed at how far I have to scroll down, and when I get to the bottom of the ad, I really don't care what you sell, don't even care what the price is.Think I'm the only one with this feeling?You know I'm not.
However, you guys keep doing this and wonder why your percentage of completion is not better.Of course, maybe you're just selling these promises.I don't know. I bless each other.I know that there is enough ugliness on the Internet;why add to it?It's time for people to start thinking outside the box.
It's time to drop the extra-long advertising format that contains dozens of different fonts, neon balloons, and exploding ice cream cones.They look half.It was cool in 1996;They are ridiculous today.And annoying.Do you remember the definition of madness?It does the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
Have a good week!Lost carny's pitch for Pete's sake and learned to write --to-Date, valid copy.Fritz B
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