ping ball machine 5 Steps to Healing Your Marriage

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball machine 5 Steps to Healing Your Marriage
Is a sign of the end of the dream.Do you want something to happen but they don't?Is it not as smooth as you wish?Sadness is OK, anger is OK.Mourn what we no longer have or realize that what we cannot achieve is part of the natural process.What is the stage of the sad process?1.Shock2.Denial3.Anger4.Bargaining5.Depression6.Just because there is a list does not mean that these are specific "steps" that you have to follow ".
There is no right way to be sad.
You may go through 5 stages in sequence, or you may feel like you're a ball in a pinball machine and you'll jump from stage to stage and come back again.Just know which stage you are at and help you get to the next position..What can you do?This is a difficult and confusing question.
Feelings came so unexpectedly.
When you think things are getting better and better, it feels like it's back again, worse than ever.1.The most important thing is to take care of yourself.For more information on this, see Step 2.2..Don't Be Sad alone!Our first reaction as humans is to hide and be alone.
We don't want others to see us fail or hurt.It is difficult to violate this natural reaction.3.Find a support group..Be sure to look for a project where you can learn new ideas and ways of thinking, and then you can practice taking action in a safe and loving environment.
Step 2: Take the time to be yourselfFlight attendants advise passengers to wear an oxygen mask before helping others in an emergency.Why?Because you will pass out because of lack of oxygen.Who can you help if you lose consciousness?!So put on the oxygen mask!If you have nothing leftWhat are you laughing?What gives you extra energy?What is it that refuels you from inside?Here are some examples to keep it simple.
Make sure to schedule at least 30 minutes per week (better yet daily )!1.In your schedule, only 30 minutes for you.2.Take a bath.Manicure and pedicure.massage5.Go to the movies with friends.Take a home)8.Read a book9.Garden10.Take your dog for a walk.Go to the beach.Very short drive.Make your favorite crafts.Take photos 15.Draw a picture (even if you can't!)16.Write a short story or a poem17.To pottery class 18.Performing class.Go back to school and get your degree.In the car, in the shower, singing on American Idol!Step 3: Learn about your "love style" Gary Chapman talks about love language in his book "Five Love Languages.
Affirm that these are expressed as verbal compliments, words of appreciation, words of encouragement, words of friendship (which relate to the way you speak, your tone ), or words of modesty (love demands, not demands ).This way of giving love is by giving someone your undivided attention, the unity of concentration, the dialogue of high quality (the dialogue in which you are sharing experience, thoughts and feelings during an uninterrupted period of time), and quality activities.Gift is the visual symbol of love.They can buy, find or make.It is important for the recipient that the gift represents what the giver thinks of them.
The act of service this way of giving love is expressed by doing what you know the other person wants you to do.A hot meal and ready before the week, cut the grass and replace the cat litter box.When they are done in a positive spirit, it is an act of love.
Physical contact most people will automatically think that sex is the main way to give and receive physical contact.But it is also important to hold hands, kiss, comb your hair with your fingers or rub your back.It is important to understand that we usually give love the way we like it.
If the person you give your love does not receive love as you do, their "tank of Love" will run empty and will never be filled.When I took the love language quiz in Gary Chapman's book, I found that the main way I accepted Love was through physical contact, and the second time I received the gift.On the other end of him is quality time and physical contact.
Before reading the book and taking the quiz, my husband didn't understand why, a year later, when he tried to buy a Christmas present at ten o'clock P.M. on Christmas Eve, I was totally broken, he was very surprised that Wal-Mart did not open the door.Then he gave me an IOU as my Christmas present.
(I didn't get anything that year!On the other hand, I never understand why my husband always praises me, tells me how great I am, always asks me if I love him, if I am attracted to him, if I am always with himFor him it means the whole world and I can not care if I receive them.But I always give him gifts and try to make his birthday special.He can not care.His birthday is just another day of the year!My husband and I both want love, but we don't get what we want.
We gave each other what we wanted most, but they didn't get that kind of love.We don't understand, we don't get frustrated, our "love tank" runs empty.When your tank is empty, you get angry, hurt, negative and rarely want to do something for others.
But when your "love tank" is full, you will be happier, life will feel good, and you will be happy to do things for others "just because.In a very short time.I strongly recommend that you go and get the book.I know you 've heard it before, but communication is vital.
I haven't talked to my husband about something for years because I don't want to hurt his feelings.Because he thought I 'd leave him.In the long run, we support each other and hurt our marriage more.The key to communication is to have regular conversations from your perspective when you are not angry.
Schedule a specific time each day or week to actually talk.and fears?What do you want to do in 5 years?What do you want to do after retirement?How do you want to raise your child?What are your priorities in life?What is important to you??Don't leave anything for the opportunity.2.Don't face your partner when you're angry.
It's OK to be angry-let them know-but we all say something in anger and we'll regret it later.So, when you're angry, take a few minutes to get it out and go back to the conversation.3.Do you have any older brothers or sisters or friends who always tell you what to do or how you feel?Your answer is, "Are you not my boss?"The only person you can really understand and understand is yourself.
When communicating with your partner, try using the "I" statement instead of the "you" statement.When you use the "you" statement, you are attacking, accusing, and sometimes belittling your partner."You came home late and made me angry without calling.
I prepared the dinner at 5: 30, and it sat there for two hours, and now it's ruined because of you.This is probably what the man said when he came home."I was angry that you were late.I need to spend 10 minutes on my own. can we talk?Then scream, beat the pillow with your fist, stomm's feet, and vent your anger.
When I'm angryWhen it hurts me.
Can I ask?I would appreciate it if I could.Marriage must be taken care of like a garden.In order for the plants to thrive, the garden needs water, sunlight and weeding.
Having a healthy garden requires your commitment to take care of it.So is your marriage.When you want to know more about others and when you fall in love, you sow the seeds of marriage.You water your marriage when you are committed to yourselfcare.
Knowing your "love style" will bring the warmth you need to thrive in your marriage.Follow the rules of communication and you will eliminate the damage before it hurts your marriage
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