ping ball game Voom Factor

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ping ball game Voom Factor
He has something called voom.Like it, I bet.Dr.When Dr.Suss wrote these citations in his amazing children's books, and he may not know how important and relevant these citations are to the daily life of children and adults.The more you learn, the more places you go, which is a notable reference in teaching science to children.We read the doctor.After the cat with the hat in Seuss Hood came back, we learned about the secret ingredients called Voom.
What is Voom?Dr.
Sue's right.
Voom makes learning fun, effective, enjoyable and relevant to children.As a first year teacher, I use the secret ingredients of voom to teach science.How do you teach science using voom? is the professor Kingfisher?Professor Tweety Bird is a part of my role in conducting scientific experiments and teaching scientific concepts in the classroom.
Professor Tweety Bird is a world-famous honorary professor of science, sociology, medicine, philosophy, mathematics, English, etc., etc., etc.From Oxford University, England.He is an eccentric and interesting professor with a strong classical English accent.He likes to introduce science to the children with exciting experiments, and let the children say excitedly, "Wow !".
The best way to teach science is to experiment hands-on, and children can see that the process takes place in front of them."Think Left, think right, think low, think high.Oh, the idea you can think of as long as you work hard!Dr.
Let me share with you some of the experiments I do in my own classroom, which you can do at home to teach some basic scientific concepts.Don't forget to use the voom!1.Vibration fork: tie a rope to the fork.Now, let it hang on your two ears and tap it with another fork.You will hear a voice that surprised you.The sound is actually transmitted to your ears through the strings.
Sounds like a bell!This is a mechanical energy expressed in sound, that is, vibration.2.Through the straw of the potato: One hand takes a raw potato, and the other hand takes a straw for drinking.Put the index finger at the end of the straw and pierce the straw through the potato with a quick action.
The straw will pierce the whole potato, and you can even remove the pieces of the potato from the straw.It will be a perfect cylinder shape.This works through mechanical energy and air pressure.Because you cover one end of the straw with your fingers, the air pressure increases.
This in turn strengthens the strength of the straw so that it can pass through the potatoes.3.Ping ball on the hair dryer: Take the hair dryer, turn it high and hold it so the air flows up.Take a ping-Table tennis, you will see it floating on the air cushion.
This experiment demonstrates how the air flow makes the ball float in the air.4.Penny Poland: take some of your most corroded pennies and soak them in a solution of vinegar and salt.You will find that the corrosion on the coin will disappear and the coin will look like a new one.
This is due to the chemical reaction that occurs when vinegar is mixed with salt.In addition, the roughness of salt helps to reduce some corrosion.This is similar to a pumice that puts in a soap to wash the grease on your hands.
Please visit my website at www.
Multiple intelligence.
You can see pictures of these experiments.This will also help you set up one as you can see it visually.These are just a few experiments you can teach science with your children at home.
You don't have to be Professor Tweety Bird at Oxford University either!You can create your own character, or you can just create yourself.But don't forget that.Voom is the reason to make it work!Whenever we do these experiments, the professor talks about the process of the experimental demonstration and how these processes are applied to other machines or processes that occur in our daily lives.He did it with a lot of voom!The professor teaches the children the acronym to learn the seven forms of energy that often appear in any experiment.
Remember the word McHALES.
M-C-H-A-L-E-S-In the above experiments, one of these seven forms of energy often appears.Everything we do, science is by our side.Take the time to share with your child the wonderful scientific experiments you can do at home, and what you have at home.This is Dr.Suss talked about it with his secret raw material voom.
Let voom learn science with your children and do everything with your children.It can be a learning activity that you and your children will never forget."I forgot when you told me.I remember you taught me.You got me involved and I learned it.\" -\ "The more you read, the more you know.
The more you learn, the more places you go.\" -Dr.Richard FallsA., B.S.M.S., C.T.Is a teacher in a public school.His website is www.Multiple intelligence.citymax.[With article author Pro-submithttp://www.articlecity.Com/article _ submit _ pro
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