ping ball game Families That Play Together Stay Together: A Personal Life Experience!

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
ping ball game Families That Play Together Stay Together: A Personal Life Experience!
In the process of growing up, my parents made it clear that it is very important to enjoy your time with your family!They didn't say it all the time, and they didn't need.They did this with action, as the saying goes "action is louder than language ".They turned the basement into a family playroom.
This was done before I was born and the game came and went in the name of old family entertainment!Now that I am the last of 10 kids, 8 boys and 2 girls, I tell you that our family playroom has done wonders in keeping this family close!When I was young, I remembered my brothers and sisters almost every weekend, who no longer lived at home and visited me.We play the pool, pinball, Pacheco, cards and more while listening to the old Golden songs on the karaoke machine.Before you start thinking we're rich, don't, we're just a huge middle-class family.
My dad worked very hard and usually worked seven days a week and made just enough money for us to live on the roof and put food in the fridge.My mom took care of us even harder!The family playroom runs on its own and lets stay at home for most weekend nights!These games are all bought second-hand and none of them work when my parents buy them.Luckily, my dad and a few of my brothers can fix them.
That's how we ended up playing pinball games, record machines and an old bowling machine in the basement.It was the best time of my life.The next morning I played pool and games with my siblings.Not every moment is perfect, of course.We quarreled.Sometimes they have a big fight!But normally things will return to normal over the next weekend and we will play together for another night.
We had to let go of our pride in many nights!These games have taught us a lot of life lessons in our own homes.They teach us gracefully to win or lose.Despite the fact that sometimes people come in to remind us that this is just a game, the temper has burst out.We know it's wrong to cheat, especially with so many brothers and sisters watching the game.
We are taught to respect adults and they will play first and we will be our turn if we wait!It also helps us learn to be patient.There are so many life lessons in our playroom that I may only be exposed to a small part of it.We had a lot of great time with family and friends in the playroom.
Some nights you will be the winner and some nights you will be the loser.This is the same as the life of adults.Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but next time you have to look up to work harder.All these experiences have made us more intimate as a family.
We learned how to deal with the different personalities of each family member, which made us very close to today.No family playroom can solve every problem in the world.This may not work for every family.But I firmly believe in "family together, together ".
This is my own life experience.
The Family Game Room is also good, which is another reason.They teach the children some great skills.From the hand-Eye coordination from pinball to angle, cut/slice lens and bank lens in pool.
These coordination skills come in handy when you grow up, and as a child, they are perfect for learning.With pinball, you can learn how to count numbers and score points.In billiards alone, you learn how to take a stick, aim and shoot the ball, and rack them up.
For the youngest child, the pool ball has different colors and different numbers.I 've never seen a kid who doesn't like to sit at a pool table and roll the ball into his pocket.(Just make sure you keep an eye on the kids so they don't fall off ).
Every desktop game is good for learning skills.Including ping-There are also table tennis, air hockey, football and skateboarding.You'll be surprised at what a child can learn by playing those basic but fun desktop games.
Turn off the computer and video games occasionally, it's a good idea to play "real" handson game!Invite family and friends over the weekend.Of course, it doesn't have to be like this every weekend, but it will be great a few times a month.Show them your new tricks.Smile!May even shed a few tears?No matter what happens, it's important to get the family together and share the experience.
Playing games with family and friends in a fun setting like a family playroom is something every family can learn to enjoy!Finally, I want to say, "no" My family is far from being a perfect family.We have problems like every family.We don't agree on many things, but we can still keep a close relationship.Somehow, having a playroom and playing games with family and friends seems to ease stress and tension and even make the biggest problems disappear, at least at the moment we're together anyway!Access http: // www.
Com find interesting information about creating a family playroom at home.Access http: // starting, html got some useful ideas directly about stopping the game room argument
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