pandora's box jamma How to Make Pandora's Box

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

The story of Pandora's box is Greek mythology, about the first woman on earth created by the gods.Someone gave her a box and told her not to open it.When Curiosity overcame her, she opened it, and all the evils and hardships contained in it came out.This project can help teach fairy tales.Whatever main color you want, paint outside the box, including the lid.Once the outside is dry, apply a contrast color to the inside of the box.The inside of the box is where all negative images will be seen, so choose a color that represents this.Let the inside dry.Cut the picture from the magazine and divide it into two different categories: good or cute, bad or evil.Good images will appear outside the box, and bad things will appear inside the box.Using glue, apply the image to the corresponding position and create a collage on both sides.Let the outside look good, symmetrical, more chaotic inside.If you want, you can paint the object that flashes or finds to make it more prominent.Stick the metal foil to the inner cover on the edge of the box.When the box is opened, when the box is opened, it produces the effect of something coming out.
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