pac man arcade game Google’s 8 Awesome Free Cartoon Logos that Caused Sensation over Media

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
There is no doubt that Google graffiti has caused a stir around the world.Maybe it's the way they pay tribute to world legends, maybe it's just to attract traffic from their search engines, or they're just to make up for the lack of fun brand logos;This day caused a big sensation.1.Paul's 96 th birthday-June 9, 2011: the sign of guitar legend Les Paul's birthday is so popular that it has been extended for another day.
Interactive digital guitar can be played with a mouse click.The recording option in the emblem makes it one of the best symbols of the year.2.Munk's birthday-December 12, 2006: to commemorate the birthday of the famous Norwegian painter, he saluted him with his famous painting scream.
The shades of orange, brown, blue and red, and the slight blur of the text make this logo more attractive and attractive than the usual white base on the site.3.Martha Graham's birthdayMay 11, 2011: to celebrate the 117 th birthday of the famous American dancer and choreographer, she designed an animated design that shows all the different roles she played on the stage throughout her life.4.Full moon-June 15, 2011: If you miss the real eclipse, the graffiti of the day will give you a glimpse of it.
The color and sight of the moon make the badge as popular as the activity.5.The tenth anniversary of the month --September 30, 2010: During the most popular Stone Age cartoon show, they took us to visit Bedrock and created the whole environment of the the image.6.Agatha Christie's birthdaySeptember 15, 2010: on the 120 th birthday of the queen of crime novels, an elaborate scene in one of her novels was set on the home page of this famous search engine.
Each letter is illustrated in order to portray a famous fictional character from her novel.7.PAC-Human 30 th anniversary-May 21, 2010: This is the first time Google has changed its design to a playable logo, making this arcade game more popular than before.The game can be controlled by the arrow keys and mouse clicks.
The black background in blue, red and yellow adds to its appeal.8.San Diego comics-Con ’09 -Celebrate the comic Conference 2009 for Google.Just as the General Assembly encourages all comic lovers and writers, the emblem does the same.
You can see characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, Robin and Plastic Man on the page.Google has found a very interesting way to attract viewers.The expectation of the next sign of celebration will always put us on the edge of our seats.
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