old video game machines for sale The problem with PC gaming.

by:BLEE     2019-07-13
old video game machines for sale The problem with PC gaming.
Don't hate PC as a gaming platform.On the contrary.Some of my earliest gaming experiences were made with a PC instead of a console.series.Final Fantasy XI.Let's not forget about independent developers.Thanks to services such as Steam, PC is still one of the best places for indie developers to release games and get their attention relatively cheaply.
This should be the case.
No, there are two reasons why I have a problem with PC games, not completely unrelated: The first is the PC game fan and the so-called "technical expert" statement, "because of BS, any particular game, especially in modern times, is somewhat superior to the console, running at a higher frame rate, and looks more beautiful on PC than on console brothers.The second reason, and the reason that really makes me hot, is that the hardware needed to run the game on a PC is relatively unavailable, with almost no problem.Oh, one more thing: yes, I'm using the broad term "PC games", "although I'm mainly referring to" hardcore "games, instead of casual games like "Farmville.
\" Why?Because the "hardcore" game is a game for every player (and most non-players as well)Players) think of it when considering a game, a PC or something.I just want to make it clear.First point: it looks more beautiful...not really.So far some of you may wonder, "Why is the fact that PC games have better graphics and better frame rates so bothering him?The reason is simple: only people with technical minds will notice that looking more beautiful will not add or take away anything in the game.It seems like a simple idea for most people, but there are some professional reviewers (too many in my opinion) PC gamers use this nonsense as the decisive reason why PC is better than video game consoles.
Like a few years ago, people were fighting for the quality of Blu-ray.Ray and the HD-DVD.Let me explain: if you have two freshly picked apples, it doesn't matter if you can see yourself in it, it will taste exactly the same.It's just a fancy saying: Look, if the game is sucked on the console, then no matter how beautiful it looks, it gets sucked on the PC.
Unless the PC version of the game has something that the console version does not have, the normal player may choose the console version.What does "something not available in console version" mean?"Well, explain, I have to play a little historian.Why?Because at least 20 years ago, when most gamers were arguing about whether a fat plumber could beat a cartoon hedgehog, the idea that PC games are better than Game consoles actually makes some sense.
Not only technically, but also in other ways.PC is where the idea of adult video games starts, and while there were very few console ports for PC games at the time, they did happen, when it happens, the console version of the game is usually much lower than the PC version, levels are missing, in some cases bad graphics, changing music, changing games, etc.But, in addition to the technical differences, these ports are often reviewed for content, both real and imaginary.
?The Port barely happened because Nintendo's aggressive censorship policy at the time forced developers to go back and remove a lot of content from the game.While some of them are perfectly reasonable, others are not.Like Nintendo asked developers to remove non-The pubic hair present on a statue in the game.
The statue is a woman resting on a huge shell, and it is actually based on a real renaissance --era statue.When the developer told Nintendo about it, Nintendo tried to get them to remove the statue completely.My point here is that PC games are better than console games, because there is actually a clear difference between the two media.
Players can see and experience these differences while playing the game.This is no longer a real problem today.First of all, there is really no need for so much review of the content.On the other hand, due to advances in technology, the game looks and plays on the console as well as on the high-end consolePC, no changes.
Aware of this, PC game makers are trying to get players back instead of playing better games (God no it takes too much work) but with the above mentioned frame rate scam that looks more beautiful and higher.I mean, think about it, is there any real reason why the original Crysis couldn't run when it was first released on Xbox 360 or PS3?No, it's not true. any two-year-old can tell you.But it was originally released exclusively as a PC because the developers wanted these extra pixels to make it look beautiful.
Take it away, Crysis is just another fully versatile aura, and any capable company can dig out the trash cans of boring game ideas in less than a year.But while these extra pixels are the biggest selling point of Crysis, it is also the biggest nail in the "PC exclusive" coffin.While it sells well enough to be a franchise and eventually gets the console version, these extra pixels mean it can't run on a home computer, you have to buy a special computer specially designed for playing games.
A computer that is ridiculously expensive, you might as well pack your arms and legs as a gift.This made me enter the second point.Point 2: Game hardware should not exceed $400.Sorry, this is a near philosophical thing for me.
?!I mean, think about it!The average price range for a laptop is $529, and it can play games decently with Best Buy.99-$2,636.99 (this is set before tax ).The price of the latest Alienware (a brand that makes PC think about games) laptops ranges from $1,199$2,099.For $2,099, I can buy a car for that much money.
The situation is getting worse for desktops.The best price range for desktop computers that can play games is $699.99-$1,149.99.Although the highest price in the Alienware desktop price range is $699-$1,399.
The console (when writing) is $349.
The Wii U costs $99, the Playstation 3 costs $299 and $249.The Xbox 360 comes with 99 of the Kinect accessory.Anyway, you see, the game PC is much more expensive than the game console.
We live in 2013 and gaming PC manufacturers don't know how to reduce product costs?!It\'s a scam!Yes, I do. I do.The gaming PC has more things that the normal PC doesn't have, so it's possible to do more and justify the price.It's true, but let me take it as an-point.
.This is the same graphics engine used to make all four war Gear games, Batman Arkham games, all three bio impact Games, Lost Odyssey, the quality Effect trilogy and many other trilogy that named them will keep me busy until 2020.The key is: if smartphones and tablets, the two devices that are cheap and technically inferior to mature computers, can run one of the industry's leading graphics engines, then, what prevents game PC manufacturers from producing computers that are both designed for the game and less than $500?Heck, I can say for 100% sure if I can install Steam, Microsoft Office, final draft, my small physical PC game and mouse collection on my Ipad, I will throw the old laptop I used to write this in the trash can.I know what some of you are thinking and you are thinking "good console and tablet games are designed with the console and tablet in mind.
"No, I'm sorry I couldn't fly here.
Because with the development of rate technology, it's only a matter of time before we see the tablet with the same graphic function as the Playstation 4, who knows?I'm sure some of you will think "if people want a cheap gaming PC, they should make it by themselves.This is the case with most people."Well, that's great, but when you say" most people."You really mean obsessed PC gamers, or people who technically know how to do this.
But what about the average person?How do they know which parts are the best and which ones are a waste of money?I'm not saying the average Joe can't build his own rig, they might build it if they make up their minds.I mean, they probably don't want it either.I mean, if you're an average person and don't have much (if any) experience with computer hardware, you really want to deal with what to pick, say, the best boards are when they're all the same in your opinion?Of course not.
you want to plug in the damn stuff to play.This is the real crutch.PC game is a maze of specs and technical confusion.Depending on the type of computer you have, you may not be able to play the roughest game because you don't have the right graphics card or whatever.
Just like the console, you just buy the console of your choice, connect it to the TV and put the disc in and play it.Yes, the PC game puts the minimum system requirements on the box or screen.However, for ordinary people, these requirements may also be written in Chinese.
If your computer is the same as mine and has passed a certain age, then the PC game will not appear.Conclusion.Look, I'm not saying that one form of game is better than the other.Heck, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to something like this, the whole "which better" argument is one of the stupidest discussions on the planet.
Like I said before, I don't hate PC as a gaming platform.What I hate is that the whole PC game has become so hard to get close to for ordinary people, and no one in the industry seems to care.If this attitude continues, then you 'd better put the PC game in the coffin now.
That is, unless this side of the industry is united in finding a legitimate way to compete with its console cousins.In my opinion, the first step is to find a way to make a game PC that is both powerful and can match the economic price of the game console.Legally, I'm not referring to gimmicks like Oculus rift.
Do I need to remind everyone of the virtual boys?I don't think what my words mean here.But that's just my point, so let's take it
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