old arcade games Remembering 80s Arcade Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
old arcade games Remembering 80s Arcade Games
The most interesting thing triggered some good memories of the post-80s arcade game.I went to a 24-hour shop last night.One hour is convenient. take a lighter and ask the difference between a Bic lighter and a Scripto lighter.Unexpectedly, the boy on duty was very helpful and kindly told me that Bic worked better according to their reputation.
That's when I decided to pursue a good old Bic that will never fail.That's how I think of an old TV ad by Peggy Fleming.I told the child about her skating with the Bic pen attached to the skating blade, and after a turn on the ice, the pen was still writing.
Obviously, the story I told him made him calculate quickly, and he asked me if it would be like this when I was in my fifties, which made me laugh.But he didn't laugh, instead, he actually admitted that he would love to be born and raised at this age, in this era, as the first video game, even McDonald's, things are new and cheap.It reminds me of the things we did when we were young, and there are very few children who think these things are worth seeing now.
Not like twenty years old.
Now with only computers and the latest video console, I have personally experienced the gameplay of the post-80s arcade games and how they can pave the way for PC games and portable handheld games.Admittedly, for the post-80 s arcade game, Pong itself is a big deal --This is the first thing ever to do almost anything, but it's in my 60 s and what I really like is the memory of going to the arcade for the sake of playing games.The real arcade is only outside of the full-size game of independence, with handles and buttons, such as asteroids and King Kong, Pac Man and Mr.
Pac Man.
Because there is no other place to go after school, because in addition to the shopping malls that e does not like to visit, the Post-80 arcade game is the only place under the age of 21year-olds.We dedicate ourselves and our free time to every quarter there.There is a arcade game in my 80 s and I like it better than others.
It's called Quix and I haven't found a copy of it anymore, whether it's on the Internet or on a CD --R.The task is to separate pieces of a huge rectangle on the screen with a stylus controlled by the joystick, to avoid Sparks/fuses moving around, because if they find you, your score will go back to zero, you will start from the beginning.It's just a simple game, or people who don't like all the kills and shots, it's much easier to move around in a limited 2D space.
But in fact, for the time when I was completely addicted to the great Space Invaders (only a few months), I still had a place in my heart.Boy, the more I think, the more I realize how much I love those arcade games in my 80 s
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