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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Recently, Android games have grown with powerful processors and good GPU devices.I mean, there are some great games that Android can use in the Play Store and have a lot of fun in single player mode, which is a very amazing multiplayer game.Multiplayer is in contrast to your friends or the world, allowing you to get a better experience in sports and through sports.
But with so many options, what can you play with your friends?Don't worry, because we're here to help.You can play multiplayer with anyone and we have the right choice.PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the Best Online Multiplayer Android games.
If you live under the rocks, here's PUBG Mobile: this is a royal battle game where 100 players can land on the island, collect weapons and become the last person (or management ).Fighting games include single player mode, double player mode and squad mode so you can fight for chicken dinner with friends.Recently, PUBG Mobile added arcade mode, some new maps and night mode (one of the maps in PUBG) in Argyland ).
You can use a variety of weapons such as grenades, smoking grenades, sanitary bags, etc.If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you can read our article on tips for PUBG Mobile and tips for chicken dinner.Fortnite is another game that doesn't need to be introduced.
Playing online with other players is a royal fighting game, which is very interesting.There is a big difference between fortune and Volkswagen, but cartoonist graphics and many interesting elements are used to simplify the game.In addition to this, there is a complete building system that does not provide any other online multiplayer games.
The game also received fresh content with weekly patches.Even if you fall down to play games, there's something new.This is really a good game, but it can be difficult to play due to this difficult weapon mechanics and building system, which is the core of the game.
Clash Royale is another multiplayer game you should see on your Android phone.Big fans of this game are as follows, this is a spin gameClash with the popular strategy game horde.Clash Royale is a card game where you can compete with other players to prove that you are the best player in PVP.
If you're looking for a fun online multiplayer game, Clash Royale should definitely look like one.Last Day on Earth: survival is a free zombie shooting game and survival strategy game.An unknown insect virus, founded in 2027, wiped out most of the world's population.
All survivors follow a goal: after revelation, you can survive as long as you can in this game and kill live zombies.When you produce and supply new weapons and vehicles with mud, your goal is to survive in zombies.Miniclip's 8-ball pool has always been the most played online multiplayer game on Android.
The concept is simple: game users have a direct simulator of 8 Ball Pool experiences on mobile devices.In addition, this game has now been added to 9 ball mode to meet the needs of the public, which provides users with the best obstacles to the game mode.When you play in the pool, the 8-ball pool in the mini ballroom is your game.
While Tekken is considered the largest Kombat sports franchise, the whole reason why Mortal bat is popular is.The war between the characters, the natural and external world, the superpower and the X-Ray moves, some players spend a lot of time on the console.This game is finally available for Android devices with custom controls for touch screen devices.
Some of Gameloft's best games Fight 5 with modern mobile platforms.The best demo in this area is undoubtedly the best first person shooter with excellent graphics, high power weapons and deep online multiplayer action.There is only one activity mode for your only warrior.
In general, modern battle 5 is a game for FPS enthusiasts.My world is the most famous video game in the world.The title was first published on a PC and is also placed on console and mobile devices.
Set a pixel in the world.
Your goal is to shape and protect the world around you in the way you feel fit.Find friends, explore and be alone with friends or games you like.Badland 2 is a sequel to one of the best sidesRoller game.
This is a game that should be maintained with friends.This game offers exciting, atmospheric graphics and physics-A game-based combination of audio.You can play multiplayer with your friends on the same device, challenging aliens and other dark creatures in the mysterious world of the game.
Who doesn't like the old hockey game, does it?Glow Hockey 2 is a perfect local multiplayer game.The smartphone display is large.The concept is simple-You took control of the striker and made a hole in the opponent.You should try this game if you like air hockey.
The chain reaction is a strategy game for 8 players on the same device.It's a simple but addictive game to play with your friends.The player puts the jewelry in a room.Soon a cell reached a critical mass and the ball was transported to the neighboring cell, adding an extra ball and claiming the cell for the player.
Its purpose is to overlap and destroy enemy cells.Looks simple?Then make sure there's a whirlpool.There are no games on your smartphone screen to pack, right?Okay, come directly.
One of the games is safe and beautiful by feltost.You use your phone as a guide for dancing or contacting someone.All you have to do is choose your phone, thumbs up and dance together at the same time.
Yes, Ludo, look!The classic board game on Android is finally available and the boy looks good.The concept is similar to the Loudo Board, which uses dice rolling to move its colored token.Thanks to Ludo King, you and your friends can easily run this game on the same device.
Who are you waiting?Let's protect ourselves!
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