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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Teach kids to play video games!As a middle school video game design teacher, I tested various programs that teach children how to make video games.First of all, I was surprised by the amount of information outside.It's great to have so many generous people willing to share their knowledge!I want to thank each of them personally.
Without you willing to share and give freely, I will never be able to sort out my successful lessons today!In the program, I used scratches and asked technicians and game manufacturers.1 Lite and Kodu.Each of these programs is free!And the highest quality.There is also a lot of information, tutorials, courses and event communities on these projects.
In this article, I will briefly introduce my ideas, experiences, successes and challenges in each project.Scratch!It's my favorite program to use with students..This program has been updated to browser-based this year.
You can also download the desktop version of Scratch 2.0.Scratch is a visual programming language consisting of colorful interlocking blocks.The students learned a lot about computer programming concepts using Scratch.
Scratch is one that allows you to create multipleMedia Production.There is a built-in drawing editor that allows you to work in bitmap or vector mode.There are some audio tools that allow you to mix and record your own music and sound.
There is even a video recorder that can record your own video for your project.Best of all, Scratch is free!All you have to do is go to the site, create and record and start scratching!The Scratch community site is an incredible resource.You can look at the individual projects to see how they are programmed and mix them in your own account.
Don't worry, the original creator gets credits every time his/her project is re-mixed.The motto of scratch is imagination, program sharing!This is how you learn!I agree!One of my students claimed when making games with Scratch, "When I use Scratch, I feel like a genius!It's a great Web site for browser-based game design.In fact, I started my course using Gamestar mechanics.
It's very easy to sign up for the Gamestar Mechanic.All you need to do is create a username and password to get started.There is a free account and a premium account.
I use a free account with my students.
In the free account, you can complete the first task, which allows you to get a few sprites that you use to create the game.The first task consists of five episodes.Each episode teaches different game design ideas.When the task is completed, the student will understand the 5 elements of the game design, how these elements create dynamic systems together, and the overall process of creating the game.
Gamesstar game mechanics do not teach programming.It is more about identifying the structure and design process of the game, including game testing, feedback and iteration of the design process.Children love this website and learn a lot while completing the task.
Very good plan and guide you through this mini course that may take a few weeks to complete.Sploder is another free game design website based on browser.It's also a drag and drop program.This website is used by my video game design Club.
It is very easy for students to learn and create games quickly by themselves.There is also a youtube channel for this site, and there are several tutorials that will allow you to make games quickly.From arcade games to platform games, classic puzzles and shooting games, you can make several different types of games in Sploder.
My club students like this website very much and like to teach each other!This is a great site for a game design Club!Game manufacturer Lite 8.Game makers have free and paid versions.Game Maker Studio is a paid version that allows you to make professional quality games that you can sell.(I think Studio also has a free version.You can't sell your game with this version.
) Game manufacturer Lite 8.
1 is the free version.
This is what I use with my students.
This program is easy to download to your computer desktop.There are several introductory tutorials for this program.The programming language is visual and drag-and-drop.
But it does teach object-oriented programming concepts such as using actions and events.This program allows users to create executable files for their games..The course is structured to allow students to win medals when they complete the challenge.
Students receive badges for rookie, apprentice and Master levels.The challenge revolves around the environmental theme.When students reach master's level, they tend to get a little tired of the challenge, and these instructions may be a bit difficult for some students to follow.
Some very good beginner tutorials are built into the program.This is a great project for older middle school students (Grade 7 and grade 8) and high school students..Kodu is a 3D game design program developed by Microsoft for XBox and pc.
The game can be programmed for the game controller or keyboard.This program can be downloaded for free or used for free.Programming languages are visual drag and drop.
It teaches the concept of object-oriented programming.Some of the basic techniques created can be navigated in a 3D environment.Students like this project because it is easy to use and works fast.
This is visually limited, but great for making quick prototypes of game ideas.This is another great project for the game design Club because students can guide themselves and teach each other what they have learned.The list of five great game design programs continues.
..There are a number of special projects that will allow the children to start the game design.This is the best five in my opinion.My view is based on student feedback and success, ease of use and accessibility, and the number of comprehensive resources for each project.There are more high quality programs.If you have a favorite that I have not mentioned, I would love to hear it in the comments section.
Hope this article will help you!.
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