mini arcade games 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Dental Clinic More Kid-Friendly

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
This experience can be a nightmare for children.As a dentist, the health of your patients should always be your top priority, but there are steps you can take to make your office more enjoyable for your children, parents and employees.Remember, when they are in your office, here are five tips to make your office a fun and comfortable experience for your youngest patient.
Can Kick high-When children who are afraid of dentists enter the waiting room, they can't do anything but wait for their names, and when their parents fill out the documents.When you make your office youngerFriendly, consider the whole experience from start to finish.Your waiting room is the first place for the kids to see, so set up a special area with tables, chairs, toys and even TV or arcade games for them to waitYou can also include crayons and paper for the patient to draw, and then ask them if you can hang the artwork they finished on the wall for the other patients to see.
By providing a child's name and chatting, make sure that all children and their parents are openly welcomed by your staff.Introduce yourself as soon as you see them.Kneel to eye-Keep calm and offer a warm smile and shake hands.
They may not respond to this gesture, but a friendly orientation creates a level of trust between employees, parents and patients, which helps to eliminate tension.3.Many small patients are afraid of what happens when they climb the exam chair, so make sure you explain everything from the moment they enter the room.If they have any questions, ask them and ask them to hold the instrument and help you in a way that they are safe.
You can also distract from the examination room and relax your nerves.Handheld game systems such as TV installed on the wall, Nintendo 2DS, and even plush toys snuggled together while the animals are undergoing surgery, are great ideas.4.Prize boxes filled with stickers, crayons, stickers and other cheap toys are a great way to distract children and actively strengthen the experience.
Similar to the prize box, care packs including children's toothbrushes, mini toothpaste and dental floss are a great way to end the visit.Bring back the prize when you come next time!When you go through a child, put yourself in the patient's shoesFriendly office decoration, thinking like a child.When you were a child, what scared you of the dentist?If your employees have children, please feel free to ask for their advice.
It doesn't take much effort to make your office more popular with children, but even small gestures can create a positive experience for a lifetime
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