mame cabinet for sale Antique Edison Phonographs for Sale - Cylinder, Gem, Home, Concert

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
mame cabinet for sale Antique Edison Phonographs for Sale - Cylinder, Gem, Home, Concert
Antique Edison phonograph for sale, including cylinder, concert, Gem, home phonograph, etc.You can also estimate the value of your Edison Phonograph by looking at the most recent sales price listed at the bottom of this page.I also include pictures of Edison's phonograph and videos played by various Edison phonograph.
Enjoy!This 1902 Edison gem cylinder phonograph was recently sold on eBay for $1875.00.Recent sales price of EBay voice recorder-What is the value of Edison phonograph?These are just samples of some phonograph that was recently sold on eBay.From this list, you can learn about the value of these collections.
Of course, as with antiques, the value of the same item may vary greatly depending on the rarity of the record, the status, and the number of bidders in any particular auction.Edison opera phonograph plus bonusValue Worth -Sold on eBay for $8499.Rare Edison -Belbettinny voice recorder-Value / Worth -Phonograph/Dictophone, (1888)-Edison "M-class" phonographValue Worth -Antique Edison concert phonograph rare of 1899 early version Mobley Reproducer original owner family never collection of close to mint-Value Worth -Early and unusual Edison home phonograph with brass core shaft, serial number4824, the quality of the museum and the original entire stunning banner-Value Worth -Antique c.
1898 Oak Edison Concert 5 \ "cylinder record horn recorder in working condition-Value Worth -1897 Edison home phonographNut weight, brass core shaft, seamless Horn, National crank, automatic reconstruction and recorder-Value Worth -1902 Edison gem cylinder sound recorder, banner cabinet, ready to play and enjoy, with original Gem-Value Worth -Edison 1898 Hone cylinder phonograph, Cygnet horn-Value Worth -Antique oak Edison triumph Model E-phonograph-Value Worth -100% original Edison Standard cylinder sound retention machineEdison 14 \ "corner, museum quality-Value Worth -100-year-old Edison cylinder phonograph with large Cygnet Horn, fireside Model-Value Worth -Edison gem early cylinder sound retention Machine 8 panel morning horn-Value Worth -Sold on eBay for $1526.Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with Cygnet horn-Model F -Scarce Model -Value Worth -Edison phonograph type D with large horn and some cylinders-Value Worth -Mint 1906 Edison Gem Phonograph-Value Worth -Sold for $1304.Edison home phonograph number:Long Box green 06 204-H82790Value Worth -Sold on eBay for $1237.
Edison Standard Phonograph, horn, 61 cylinders and antique cabinets.WHOLE Lot-Value Worth -Antique Thomas Edison phonograph standard combination 2x4 min cylinder rare-Value Worth -Edison antique home phonographValue Worth -Cygnet #10 speaker of Edison fireside sound recorder-Value Worth -Antique Edison LALANDE 4-cell battery type S, ORIG case for fan or phonographSold for $2,670Antique Edison fireside 2-4-minute record player & CYGNET speaker-Sold for $1,230Antique Edison 4-minute home phonograph with extra horn, C1900s-SOLD for $925.The antique Victor talk Machine phonograph, the lead speaker Vic IIISOLD, costs $873.
\ "Edison family phonograph type B from January 1909, Billy Murray played" good night Caroline "on Edison's 2-minute cylinder #10038.I used the horn.There are attachments behind this machine that play 2 minutes and 4 minutes of recording.Wax barrel-\ "Forget about ipod, mp3, cd, and even cassette and vinyl records.
Here's Thomas Edison's first recorded sound 130years ago -Use a wax cylinder.Duncan Miller of waken records in Sheffield, England, runs one of only two well-functioning records in the world.Here he explains how it works, recording the vaudeville ukriri player, pamita, and Sheffield musician Tom roewell.
Videos provided by stars.
These Edison phonograph are not for sale.
They are just beautiful photos of antique Edison phonograph taken by individual photographers and shared under the Creative sharing license.Enjoy!Edison opera phonograph.I like the angle of this photo.It makes the speaker of the phonograph look big and beautiful!Edison Gem Phonograph282-inch phonomie.Photos of Edison's home phonograph.A phonograph in a Paris store.The ancient Edison sound machine
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