hockey arcade game It's October and there are no NHL hockey games on the horizon.

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
hockey arcade game It\'s October and there are no NHL hockey games on the horizon.
This should be the start of the NHL Hockey League...Season, but not...The entire North American stadium is quiet.There is no harsh sound...The start of the 2004-NHL hockey league should be without a scratch.
2005 season, but this did not happen.
The entire North American stadium is quiet.There was no harsh whistle, nor did the hockey ice knife dig into the ice or get scratched by the puc on the board.Television workers usually set up to broadcast the games are missing.
NHL hockey players, coaches and TV workers are doing other things this season.And soon there was no sign of NHL hockey coming back.Owners and players have stood on the other side since September 9, 2004 without any talks.
No further talks were scheduled.
The longer the deadlock lasts, the greater the blackout.So it is likely that there will be no hockey season this year.To be sure, no games will be held for this in October or November.
As for December, even if some agreements were reached between the two sides, December is likely to be used for training. the earliest time to play is January.What are the players doing?There are currently 200 people (1/4) playing hockey in Europe.They have a clause in their contract, which means they will return to North America to play here if the NHL starts again.
If you're a hardcore fan who needs to watch a hockey game, the little hockey league is starting to work in smaller towns and it's good that you come out and watch them play
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