hockey arcade game Enjoy Ice Hockey Games

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hockey arcade game Enjoy Ice Hockey Games
Sixth, the problem of hockey size and regional division is also worth considering.The length of the hockey field is meters;The width is 30 m and the surrounding is the concrete date from 119 to 120Two tall wooden walls.There is a red line of 30 centimeters in the middle of the stadium, called the center line.
It divides the hockey field into two halves.The second or half of the team is located where your own team's goals are.The other half of the goal was the first half or the other.
On both sides of the center line there is a thirty-centimeters blue line called the disconnection line.The division line divides the entire stadium into three areas: offensive area, defensive area and central area.The defensive area is where your own goals are;It is also the offensive area of the other party.
The Intermediate People's Court is located between the central areas of both sides.The goal line says there is a 5-centimeters wide red line at both ends of the course.The polo gate is located in the middle of the line.
Seventh, 60 minutes per game.
Three innings, about 20 minutes each and 15 minutes off.At the end of the third inning, if the score remains the same, it will enter the overtime schedule for about five minutes.Overtime use of unexpected methods-death;If they kick a ball first, they will win the party.
If neither side scores, it will score.
8 \ r \ rst1: * {behavior: url (# ieooui)} \ r/* Style definition */\ r table.MsoNormalTable \ r {mso-style-Name: nhJonathan Toews jersey uses the method of playing each other.Two teams will play in a round.There are three players in each game, but only six players have a chance to play.
According to the position, there is a goalkeeper, two defenders and three strikers.In the game, players can change players at any time without a referee.The National Hockey League was founded in 1917 with five teams.
After a series of expansion, dissolution and migration, there are now 30 teams.There are 20 in the United States.There are four teams in Canada and six teams.In the history of hockey, Montreal, Canada was the most successful team.
Four times in the Stanley CupMontreal Canada is the only major league baseball team in North America to win more than the New York Yankees.In the Stanley Cup, the Toronto Maple Leaf is the second team to succeed.But after 1967, the World Cup never appeared again.
The most successful team in the United States is the Detroit Red Wing, which won the Stanley Cup ten times.Today, the NHL team has two alliances, the Eastern Alliance and the Western alliance.There are three parts in each alliance and five teams in each.
Today's division is based on the 1998 to 1999 season.There are now six areas, because the alliance has added two areas after the reform.Currently there are 30 NHL teams including Eastern Conference, Atlantic, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins and northeast.
In hockey, Canada, the United States, Russia and other countries are in the leading position.Ice hockey requires athletes to have the qualities of strength, endurance, speed, technology, determination and courage
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