hockey arcade game Another Way to Go Green: Synthetic Ice Rinks

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
hockey arcade game Another Way to Go Green: Synthetic Ice Rinks
Water is our most valuable resource. However, due to decades of abuse and waste, there are serious water shortages in many parts of the world.Less than 1% of the world's water is drinkable, so measures need to be taken to protect this important resource as much as possible.Artificial ice has been around for decades.
Despite criticism earlier, fake ice has made great progress in the past 10 years.Hockey players, figure skaters and skaters all agree that today, the experience of skating on artificial surfaces is comparable to that of skating on real ice fields.Recently, the artificial ice project provided the synthetic ice arena for the 2010 pre-exhibition party of the British Columbia Olympic Games.
There are world-class and Olympic figure skating performances in this competition.Heidi Van der Hove USFSA gold medalist and professional ice show star said: "This is the best synthetic ice I have ever skied, I can do all the things I do on the real ice on this ice \".If it's good enough for professional skaters, it's good enough for anyone, right?Artificial ice has become so popular that many ice rinks across the country choose it instead of natural waterbased rinks.
Installation and maintenance costs are much lower.Its versatility is very strong.It can be installed almost anywhere.It requires very low maintenance.It not only helps to save water, but also helps to save electricity.Installing a man-made ice rink is not only cheaper than a regular ice rink, but also much cheaper to maintain.
When using water, a lot of power is needed to keep the ice rink at a frozen temperature.But for synthetic ice, there is no need to refrigerate at all.This apparently led to a sharp drop in electricity bills.
On average, the cost of refrigeration at 85x185 indoor ice rink is about $5000-$7000 per month.These power costs are completely eliminated by installing a synthetic ice rink.Try to find a business that doesn't want to save $5000 a month.
If there is a flat surface, a synthetic ice rink can be built.End of story.It is possible to make a synthetic ice rink suitable for any size of space.It can be built and maintained indoors or outdoors as well as at any temperature.
These ice rinks do not require air-conditioned buildings or well-designed facilities.This reduces labor costs and reduces the use of our world's limited resources.The artificial ice rink is also portable.This made them ideal for skating tours.Installation and tearing-The downtime is only a few hours.
When dealing with waterA lot of maintenance is required based on the ice rink.ICE requires not only regular cleaning and scraping, but also a complex plumbing system.To keep the ice surface at the desired 16 degrees, a pipe of about 10 miles was used.
Mellow, or resistantFrozen, frozen by a compressor and continuously flowing through the pipe 24 hours a day.A complicated set-up.As mentioned earlier, the great benefit of the artificial synthetic ice rink is to save water.But the resources saved are not just water.
Because there is no need for refrigeration to keep the water frozen, the electricity consumption is also greatly reduced.No one saves more in this department than in Florida, California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona.Air conditioning does not work overtime to save natural ice at a temperature of 100 degrees, but does not even require air conditioning when using synthetic ice.
It is also not necessary to re-surface using sanboni.Zambonies not only use extra water during surface treatment to help, but also run on any amount of carbonBasic fuels such as propane, natural gas, electricity, or gasoline.Similarly, avoid using these resources when choosing a synthetic ice rink.
Why switch?Since many companies have access to synthetic ice rinks at any time, there is no logical reason to continue to waste valuable resources to make waterbased rinks.When preparing a regular-sized ice rink for a hockey game, 15,000 gallons of water is needed.Then consider all the power used to refrigerate ice and the fuel resources used to fuel sanboni for maintenance.
A lot of water, electricity and fuel were wasted.The synthetic ice rink provides green options for towns, businesses and individuals, while saving a lot of budget money
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