golf arcade game Your Comfort Zone is Killing your Golf Game

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
golf arcade game Your Comfort Zone is Killing your Golf Game
We all have what I call the internal game thermostat.It can be said to control the game temperature inside you.Your comfort zone is like a climate control room.
If it gets too cold, then it's time to heat it up.If the weather is too hot, the air conditioner will cool off.What your internal thermostat does is exactly what it pre-programmed to do --Get your game back to normal!How?By producing "wrong swing of wrong time ".
In reality, however, it is actually "the right swing at the right time!\ "The game thermostat inside of you runs calmly in your conscious consciousness.Fully control your game.The same is true when you approach your personal low.However, at the low end of our comfort zone, there are some interesting settings.
..The thermostat seems to start more definitely!(Have you noticed that although your score may be climbing and while you may not be happy with it, it is easier and more acceptable than it is really low?I'm not saying you don't want to go too low.I mean, you're familiar with higher-scoring shots because you do this more often than low-scoring shots.As you get closer and closer to breaking your personal best grades, your comfort zone triggers your internal game thermostat and returns your game to "normal" status.
How?You played a few cards in a row.
guess what?You magically shoot within your unconscious scoring range, which is hard wired for you!Maintain your comfort zone.Strangely, this is not comfortable at all!There is only one thing that makes us feel comfortable: we have developed habits.The comfort zone is a long and slow death for any hope you can achieve your potential.
I don't care what kind of goal setting plan you follow, or mental game worksheets, or how much you practice.The internal setting you "believe" in your game is called shooting.It's completely pun intended.Create new settings on your internal game thermostat with specific policies.
Nothing complicated, but they are very powerful and effective.But hey, only you know how much you want to get out of your comfort zone.It's kind of like a frog in the legendary pitcher.
Put the frog in a pot of water and bring it to a boil slowly, and the Frog Stays there because it is comfortable along the way...Reach a new level in your game and make the changes you want now.After all, the water is boiling slowly
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