gauntlet arcade game Commodore 64 Collectors Guide for Retro Junkies

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
gauntlet arcade game Commodore 64 Collectors Guide for Retro Junkies
Why collect for Commodore 64?Because in my opinion, this is the bestCreated a bit computer, no.C64 was released to the enthusiastic public on 1982.For now, it's a powerful kit that can be said to be better graphics and sound than any other system.
Commodore continued to sell about 12 vehicles.5 to 17 million units, which does make you wonder why they went bankrupt.Somewhere in the region, 10,000 commercial software was released in its life cycle-Loop, even today, there are still some stubborn family members who support this format.
The hardware side is a completely different game, so where did the retro player of the initial budding start his collection?Right Here!Let's start with the hardware you need.It is clear that C64 will be at the top of the list.To be honest, I prefer the old beige bread box style as this is where I grew up, but for those who prefer a more modern aesthetic, the updated Amiga looks could be a better choice!The first in the list of peripherals must be a disc drive.
To avoid long tape loading times, many great games are released in this format (this is the right kid and the game is on the tape as well ).The original 1541, bulky, is not a good choice due to temperament locking.Thanks to the extra features, it is best to choose c123 for 1571.
1541-II is reliable, easy to open and can be removed quicklydust.This is a more central option, and you can look into the machine code in depth.Almost any game can be backed up.There is no better way to use C64's sound output cheaply, capture the sound, and then manipulate it as you need it, unfortunately there is no way to save the output.
Let's start with the easy-to-find list of games, which is also the easiest game ever to play.The film is a sequel to International Karate, introducing the third player.It's a very smooth animation and fighting without slowing down, a masterpiece of the genre.
A ship full of mental robots, and you, a small robot that can temporarily take over other robots.The smooth rolling, ad-tight interactive game makes this game a classic game worthy of Remake!In this amazing arcade game conversion, Bub and Bob.Great music and a lot of fun.There must be two player modes!Any of them!My suggestion is to play in order.
Not all pseudo-3d isometric games about combat.Maybe 2nd of people have better graphics and music, but they are all great.Another visitor.Stay for a while, stay forever!\ "How advanced is C64 in a speech on a game show.
Five-disc puzzle and pixel-perfect platter fun.10,000 levels!This is an early energy management game in 3d, which is very difficult to explain!Your character can't actually move, but can absorb what's in the level to get the energy and get into the position, then send the inert empty shell to a certain position and shift its consciousness to that position.\'Nuff said!The best thing about collecting anything is that when you hit mother lode, when you finally find that elusive special feeling that none of your companions have, you get a warm feelingEbay is certainly a great fit for this, so there's something to note here.
Great Gianna sisters.
A great Super Mario Brother clone, pulled out of the shelf under legal threat, it's not hard to find, it's a good start to the collection, it plays well.Double Dragon.The cartridge version has never been sold in the store, and to be honest, those who own it don't have a good review, but it's very collectible.Gauntlet 3.It's a shame that the rave reviews have never been released.
It's really just the tip of the iceberg, there's a lot to collect here, so what are you waiting for, let's go!Please don't forget to click on the green "rating up" button and "share" with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site "
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