gauntlet arcade game Classic Movies that would Make Great Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
gauntlet arcade game Classic Movies that would Make Great Games
I have been a fan/fanatic of the 1970 and 1980 s old action films;The attack on Rambo, District 13, was serious and the list continued, and I saw my first one at the age of 5;The indestructible terminatorSeeing Arnold Schwarzenegger punch in the windshield of the car, fix himself in front of the mirror, or slaughter the entire police station really surprised me and since then I wish I was this hardThen Rambo, his talent behind heavy weapons and bows, even in Afghanistan in the 1980 s, was unmatched by the entire Soviet war machine.However, there are many Terminator and some Rambo games, most of which are excellent.Best example of how to do a movie license game.
However, what I really want to do is shoot some movies that haven't jumped into interactive entertainment because of their great potential in entertainment time.The films are Death Wish 3 (Charles Bronson), Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) and attack zone 13, respectively.Finally, games that may be a good base of the above adaptations are also a bit underground, and in a sense few people remember them, or even fewer know them;This is done to avoid the fatigue of modern games, which is done by the first-Shooter, open-World Games and action rpg a \ 'La Diablo.
Charles Bronson, a lynching hero, took out a whole gang singleHe used an arsenal of machine guns including the Browning M1919 machine gun.The desire to die is a five-phase Film (roughly based on Brian Garfield's novel in 1972), but I chose 3rd films to emphasize action;A better premise for a game.Death Wish 3 will be a great isometric shooting, Discovery game that players can see from the topWhen he explored a large map and fought the enemy while collecting items and weapons, he fell.
The waiting long action game formula starts with a 1985 arcade game Challenge, where players choose to play one of the 4 characters, explore dungeons and collect treasures while fighting enemies.However, for the adaptation of the wish of death, the best long-waiting game is no prisoner, a 1997 PC game developed by Raven Software.Here, players explore the big world with forts, sewers, abandoned cities and cult temples when facing enemies unique to different worlds.
How will it work?The adaptation of Death Wish 3 can have a new narrative in which the player plays the role of a patrol officer and is transferred to that constituency after the relevant film event, after the dominant first (in the movie) was taken away, it was necessary to face the new gang that took over the town.No prisoner broke in-Divide the game world into different parts to accommodate enemy factions;Everyone has their own weapons, attack patterns and behaviors;The idea can be used for gangs in theoretical games.Although the area will be large, but the game will not openWe are tired of the world today, and our goal is, as patrol officers, to respond to police scanners while patrolling on foot and cruisers;The only vehicle the player will use.
The story will be minimalist, and each piece is obtained from the gang leader who asked the player to arrest;If the leader is killed, the story will follow a different path that the player finds by talking to civilians and other officials.Players are also required to solve puzzles without any prisoners, and can even enter some enemy stronghold;Do it by collecting special devices and looking for alternate paths.The death wish month adaptation can be used to enter the later stageAs more gang leaders need to arrest game targets as everyone's power grows.
The premise is relatively simple;Fighting gangs and arresting leaders;The game itself will be a simple isometric shooting game that includes a variety of battles with deadly and less police Arsenalthan-Deadly ammunitionIn general, the adaptation of the death wish game will adopt a new narrative approach where players will look at criminal wars through the perspective of the people involved, not the heroes in the movie --first;A policeman.This step gives the player the space to immerse himself in a hostile world where he is subject to more virtual violence when he is at the center of the crime --Riding the world on an obvious extreme side;Peacekeepers are trying to maintain the remainder of the law.From the game's point of view, this not only provides a wide variety of police hardware to experiment, but also enriches the direction set by the target into the work of the police in the battle (the main focus) including many means to destroy the enemy.
A 1976 film about a police officer in a police station that is no longer there, repelling the persistent attacks of gang members at night, all communications were interrupted and resources were rapidly reduced.The movie has elements of action, horror and thrillers, and the hero has won the dark colors with extreme tactics.This premise will make a good survival horror game in the way of System Impact 2.
players must save resources and build his character to adapt to his game style, survive in a hostile world, where he faces many enemies on his own;From mutant to corrupt machineHowever, when the game is sci-Fi, the film adaptation will take place in the 1970 s.Proper Arsenal, offensive enemy, minor rolePlay elements and focus on melee combat and improvisation.How will it work?System Impact 2 is the firstHuman survival horror, rolePlaying the game, players pass through an abandoned space station taken over by rogue AI programs and alien lifeTurn the crew into an offensive mutant.
What does this have to do with 1970 of movies?Well, that's what it does, because you don't have almost anything in your hand against the unfavorable odds.District 13 attacks keep endless bad guys close to non-heroes at nightStop, not far from the System Shock 2.You can clean your room in half a room.Your pistol is filled with magazines to get a access card and come back with different enemies in the same room.
When System Impact 2 does not give you any game adaptation about zone 13 attacks, the player will arrive-So the scene in the police cruiser, like the hero in the movie, gave 12-gauge pump-Action shotgun and baton.The in-The game narrative will be loosely based on the movie, and in a sense the battle will start againimagined/re-played by in-game actions.Play from the start-As mentioned above, from a personal point of view, the focus is on the melee battle of resource management and improvisation;Make elements of traps for upcoming enemies.
Inside the nominal police station, its external site (parking lot, stairwell, roof) will be equipped with projectiles and melee weapons;Come to the player from every entry point that is not revealed to the player.Finally, the goal of the game is to survive and pass 2-The Radio Mode equipped with the player;Talk to the police superior in the distance on the way to provide supportup.Overall, the game will be re-playedVisit the narrative of the movie, leave the action to the player, and at the same time give some freedom to the story to praise the action.
Melee combat will be the main function of collecting materials, improvising traps and upgrading weapons throughout the game;Take out a mob with a baton, rob his body to get the bolt, and then connect to the said weapon to improve efficiency.Finally, the first oneAs the player has a clearer view of his threat, the character perspective will not only be used for immersion, but will also be added to the horror element.The film is roughly based on Paula Gosling's 1978 novel, fair play, about the struggle of a Los Angeles police officer against a Darwin admirer.
From hunting down a serial killer to the epic climax of a massive showdown, Sylvester Stallone wiped out a group of the above-mentioned cultists there.The basic premise of the game adaptation is to quickly defeat the cult.So I chose a game that was very inspiring;Total Overdose.
Problematic games with agile combat and shooting featuresAlthough the game is not open, avoid parts similar to Max Payne, special actions, and small vehiclesworld.How will it work?Taking an overdose for the third timeCapture characters, vehicles, special actions and explore the hub world of collectibles used to upgrade certain attributes;Adrenaline levels, health and weapon handling.Cobra adaptation will work in a similar way, except for the vehicle section, as the focus is on using guns, melee weapons and hands to fight with cult elementsto-Players can upgrade and expand hand movement.
The description of the game can only explain the reason why the player enters a certain area;e.g.The cult took the hostage.Play from the thirdFrom a personal point of view, players start with Sylvester Stallone's signature Colt 45.The 1911 pistol in the movie, picked up the weapon from the hands of the fallen enemy, and built his arsenal.
When the ammunition is used up or the enemy is close;The player enters a hand-to-Hand mode similar to dead power;A more impactful, fluid combat system (with individual control of punches, kicks and off-arms), superior to the popular-One of the game Batman Arkham.In general, these are movies that have not yet adapted to the game media, and these are cult games with good mechanics that help better carry out the above adaptations.I think I made a reasonable effort to avoid clichés, parables.
The theme of most mediocre film licenses;Open world and number oneAlmost no shooter left anything to the imagination.Best MovieFrom the game's point of view, licensed games do something different and I'm trying to convey that here as well.Finally, these fanatic films will also feature type elements that we haven't seen recently;Including the survival horror of the above types of experiments and other long movements, explore the game.
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