gaming machines Tasmanian pokies plunge: Market looks to be doing what Labor couldn’t

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
The Labor Party issued a controversial policy in the last state election to ban bars and clubs from using video game machines.Lost Labor.xa0Standxa0According to policy.However, time and trends seem to be working on it, quantityxa0The loss of Pokémon and the decline in the number of machines.10 months of decline in the 12 months ended Junexa0Compared with the same period last year;Compared with the corresponding month two years ago, all 12 months ended June have declined.
The trend to stay away from Pokémon includes some major declines in player losses on the machine.Players, for example, lost $17.35xa0Million in July 2016xa0$15.July 6, 2017 400 million.The number of machines in the state decreased from 3596 in July 2017 to 3239.xa0In June.Leader of the oppositionxa0Bairebecca said: "The Labor Party supports the poker machine policy we have adopted in the state elections, and the fact is that in 2016, Tasman lost $0.
11 billion on the poker machine at bars and clubs, millions of dollars a month."It is critical that we take care of the fragile Tasman while also supporting the working Tasman."The damage done by poker machines in our community cannot be ignored, and gambling problems have a greater impact on individuals than on individuals.
"It fosters crime and makes the wider community pay the price, and seven other people are affected for every problem gambler.Steve Old, chief executive officer of the Tasmanian Hotel Association, said the data coincided with what the operator described as "weak and declining revenue."This is just the performance of the market," he said .
"Some people think that some changes may be due to people turning to online games.Old man says people who use game machines or drink alcoholxa0There are venuesxa0Therefore, in a standardized environment, there are trained employees, responsible services for alcohol needs, and so on.He thinks it is safer to do so than at home.
MS White said a recent study on the social and economic impact of gambling released in January showed that,xa0Some disturbing trends related to the use of poker machines, especially the young Tasman aged between 25 and 34xa0Use themxa0At a much higher rate than the average community."In this age group, more than 24 people think poker is their most common game activity," MS White said ."."Last year, gambling on poker machines accounted for almost the same proportion of total spending, 20.
As in 2013, the total expenditure was 20: 00.5 per cent."Also, on average, Tasman people who use poker machines in hotels and clubs are more than double the number of casinos."This report makes it clear that there are more and more problem gamblers in Tasmania state, poker machines are the most risky gambling activities, and half of the money spent on poker machines comes from-Risk and problem gamblers.
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