gaming machines Tasmania's gaming industry to face parliamentary inquiry

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Parliament will begin next Tuesday to investigate the future of the gaming industry in Tasmania.Ofxa0Joint Special Committeexa0Future game marketxa0From 2023, the community's attitude towards gambling and the potential structural features of the state's casino, keno and video game markets.This is a year,xa0The Federal Group's exclusive rights to video game consoles will expire and will be open to competition.
The survey will examine the future tax and licensing arrangements for gambling and review the hazardsMinimizing measures and howxa0Market-The basic mechanism of operating electronic game machines can be formed.Federal Organizationxa0In the submission of the investigationxa0Think, single-Operator modelxa0Reduce the cost of government regulation.It saysxa0Use MarketBased on the mechanism of licensing game machines and bidding licenses,xa0It's complicated and risky.
It saysxa0Without reducing government revenue, the tax rate and annual fee attracted by the machine need to be reformed.Federal saysxa0Tasmanian injuriesAcross the country, the minimum measures are comprehensive and rigorous.The Tasman Wine and Gaming Commission estimates that there are as many as 3200 problem gamblers in tazhou,xa0And as many as 7000 moderate gamblers;Describe these numbers as "not trivial ".
In his submission, TasCOSS said that for every problem gambler, five more people were affected by their actions.It says the government should treat gambling as a public health problem.The regulation of the industry does not serve the society well.
TasCOSS says it's real damage.
The strategy of minimizing is to see a loss drop in gamblers, although to do so, the Tasmanian gaming board needs to limit machine allocation and reduce minimum bets
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