gaming machines Millions lost to gambling in central Victoria in May 2018

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
The man who played Pokémon lost more than $4 million.xa0Game Machinexa0Last month in Big Ben DIGO.Digitalxa0According to data released yesterday by the Victoria gambling and alcohol Regulatory Commission, the figure is $122,802.
xa0Increased losses to citiesxa0There have been 601 video game consoles since April.Lossxa0Big Bendigo's income is $4,042,494.80 in May.Three venues for video gamesxa0During the same period, machines in the middle of Goldfield County deprived players of a total of $867,734.
xa0Up $16,556 from last month.
In the Macedon mountains, Pokémon losses at the three franchises in the Shire rose $133,875 to $866,698.Last month, the loss of 254 consoles in campaspshire fell from $816,793 to $812,015.People in Victoria lost a total of $227.According to the gambling reform coalition, 24 million people lost to Pokémon last month.
Tim Costello, director and spokesman for the coalition, called on the state's main political parties to make election promises to reverse rising losses.Victorian people go to vote.xa0Novemberxa024
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