gaming machines How to emulate SNES on PS2

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
When we talk about PC games, it is common to imitate SNES and other game consoles.But what no one knows is that it is possible to simulate some consoles on another console.In addition to some of the emulators for Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft Xbox, there are also the emulators for Sony Playstation 2.
You might think: a new generation of consoles is even distributed online through virtual consoles and similar services.Why did he talk about Playstation 2?Well, I'm talking about SNES, too, and it's older.In fact, the Playstation 2 is still a very popular platform.
If we consider a country like Brazil, he will be more popular (although its sales in Japan are still considerable ).The software responsible for turning your Playstation 2 into the old Super Nintendo is the SNES Station.It is based on the source code of the SNES9X simulator and ported to s2.
It's fine, but it hasn't been updated for a long time, and not all the games are playing perfectly.So, don't be disappointed if your favorite game doesn't play like you think.All you need to do is burn a CD that contains the SNES Station binary, profile, and ROM files.
It doesn't need to be a DVD, as most people think;Use the DVD only if you have more games than me and they don't fit 700 MB.SNES station file from http:/snes-station.gamebase.Ca/files/snes_023 _ 20040124.A blank CD-Modified PS2 that can be started from CD-You burned it yourself.
If you can run a backup game on it, it's probably OK.Decompress the downloaded zip file.SNES_EMU.SYSTEM.The SNES_EMU.The ELF file is a binary file that actually runs.The SYSTEM.The Playstation 2 uses the CNF file to know what to run.
Of course, its content will point to SNES_EMU.ELF.It's just informal and you don't need to edit any files.On the CD burner software of your choice, start a data CD project.
Please note that you must burn the CD in a "traditional" way.Using fancy methods, such as the ifs method embedded in Windows Explorer, creates a badly formatted CD.Put SNES_EMU into the root folder of the project.
CNF files.
Put the ROM file into this folder.
You can create sub-folders to help find the game later.Set the burn option.Do not burn in multi-session mode.Use the lowest recording speed you can choose, and never actually record on a laptop powered only by a battery.As a last check, if your program asks you to use the Datatrack mode or something like that (like k3b), select "Mode2 ".
At this point, you may be recorded and directed to the console by the media.Browse ROM list with D-Pad or left analog stick.Select \"..In any game you can use L1 R1 to display the menu.
On this menu you can load and save the game status, adjust the screen and return to the list.The other buttons on the joystick just map to the corresponding buttons on the SNES (the triangle becomes X, the square becomes Y, and so on), and the L and R shoulders are L2 and r2
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