gaming machines Drink service changes for Tasmanian pokie machines from May

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Tasman can still drink while playing the game,xa0No.xa0Provide alcoholxa0According to the policy changes that came into effect on May 1.Instead, customers will have to leave the machine and buy drinks themselves instead of bringing them drinks.
Has changed.
xa0Outlined in a review of the statexa0Responsible Gambling mandatory code supervised by Tasman Wine and Gaming Commission.Finance Minister Peter goutwein saidxa0The policy aimsxa0"Break the Cycle"xa0People'sxa0Sitting in front of the console for a long time, but independent of the government andxa0"It's all about the commission ".Health Minister Michael Ferguson said Saturdayxa0Yes.
xa0In-In line with government policy.
"It was a decision made independently, but it was very consistent with the Commission's mandate to reduce harm-minimizing measures," he said ."."I think it shows that the policy environment is actually able to provide sensible, common sense measures that support the government's belief that measures to reduce harm in the context of problem gambling are feasible.Opposition representativexa0Leadershipxa0Michelle O Byrne described the changes as "piecemeal" and saidxa0It will not have a significant impact on the problem of gambling.
"The preliminary report of the gaming board outlinesxa0"Some changes can be made," she said ."."But you have to make a decision.Are you looking at minimizing damage? It recognizes that harm always exists,xa0Or are you saying that we are actually going to do what we can to eliminate the damage, that is to remove these machines from the community."If the government had any character, courage or courage, it would have done so.
The Commission consulted with the industry and other stakeholders last year to develop the code of practicexa0Published in November 30
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