gaming machines Being Average and What it Really Means

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
We were all bitten by "common bugs" before.We are all told that we are ordinary people anyway.Keep average in sports, sales, business, cooking or anything else.
There is a more dangerous "average error", however, and you have to be careful --YOURSELF.\ RIn I'm sad to see people "okay" average very honestly in this era.Their houses are average, their careers are average, their incomes are average, and their lives are average.
What the hell are you guys thinking?!The following is the definition of the mean in the Webster Dictionary: The definition of "mean" "the verb of pass" "ra: Mean" (the average gain is 20%) \ rb: to get (the average color of lavender) \ the median value of rWith, let me tell you what the average means to me: what does this make you feel?Do you really want to be an ordinary person?I can tell you now when I think of the above meaning as average...I never want to be satisfied with the average.The average is stabilizing...On average, you give up the potential that God has given you.
You were born for greatness.
Why are you satisfied with the average?\rMy guess?People will feel comfortable.We have all become victims of comfort.Yes, I have to make up a medical term for it, which is too dangerous.When we feel comfortable, we stop growing.
We stop learning.
We are stagnant.
..These are the reasons why we can never achieve greatness.Do you have a very talented friend?A person who may be an amazing athlete, artist, singer, musician or writer who knows nothing about their talent?I have plenty.As a matter of fact, I have been a member of these years.
This is not my lack of motivation or passion...I just started to feel comfortable with my position.Before my quilt starts...My motivation is that I started selling consoles on eBay.
I started another sideline for some passive income.As far as I am concerned, I am moving in the right direction.\ RThen things happened...I got a job offer and I'm almost going to earn 15 more than the year I 've brought in.
So I took it.
Over the next few months, I slowly but definitely put all my projects in a secondary position and thought, "I will go and do these projects in the future.Need to focus on this new job!Let you guess what happened...Ok no I won\'t.Let me just say it.\ RI is very comfortableI started to get used to my job and I made a lot of money.
I live in an ordinary place.
My life is average.
Very comfortable for me.
I can still do this.
..What made me leave the comfort zone?\ RI is not comfortable!It sounds simple. that's the truth.I began to feel uncomfortable with my life.I began to feel uncomfortable with my living conditions.
I started to be with successful people.
..I started to feel uncomfortable with my life because I knew I didn't want to be content with the average.You might wonder, how did you feel uncomfortable?Well, uncomfortable is the easy part.The most difficult thing is to make sure I'm not feeling well.
You see, it's easy to find your comfort zone.It's much harder to leave your comfort zone and stay there long enough to make changes.How did you do it?Okay, the answer is simple --Discomfort will make you very comfortable.
Think about it, let's say you want to start working out.So you got all the guns.And registered gym members.As a fitness newbie, you don't know the first thing about what to do sports, what to eat or how to set any goals.So you go to the gym and you will see all these healthy and strong people working out.
..See how you want yourself to look.
..What are you doing?For most people.
..they fall off.
They stopped going to the gym because they were uncomfortable there.For those who choose very little...They don't feel well, but keep going.They realize that they should probably go with a partner or find a coach to help achieve their goals.Of course, the first few times they went were uncomfortable.
..But in the end, they will feel uncomfortable with the people who guide them.Not ordinary people.\ RI once heard a word.This is what I will always rely on.\ R \ "you are the one who went out with you.\ "\ RI cannot emphasize how true this is.
If you stay with people with negative emotions.You will always be broken and negative.If you hang out with people who are not healthy in their lifestyle, eat bad food, and never look at their figure.You will be unhealthy and overweight.If you are always with the average person.
..You are always average.
My challenge to you is to evaluate your life.Who are you hanging out?Who are you dating?What will you do when you get home from work?What do you do on weekends when you "go out?If you are reading this and realize that you are not where you want to go and have been in the same place for years...You are likely to connect yourself with the average person and will never leave your comfort zone.
You might say, "but I don't want to betray my friend!"Let me say you don't have to ignore anyone!You just need to get out of your comfort zone.I still see that my friend is suffering from comfort.I am still very happy with them.But I just made a conscious decision to take the steps I needed to take to leave the mediocre life.
One last thing.
..I can almost assure you that if you start to succeed in any effort you make.If you start your life and use the potential you were born to use...People will follow you and people will want to know how you do it.
\ Run the incredibly best-spoken marketer under Joe Markiewicz's name, which was originally a song...But it applies here.\ RSet yourself on fire, people will come out of wood products to see you burn.This is just a question worth thinking about.
This article is not to offend you, nor to hurt anyone's feelings.This is for you to know something.This is a process of thinking and mentality that few people follow.Remember, the average is the worst and the worst.
Do you really want that title?.
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