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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
And more links to free online claw games.Call all master claws!Save your dorm: Play virtual claw machine games online and win virtual prizes.THE CLAW -GET POOKEY -Allows you to select the game level (simple, medium or hard ).Start with a simple level and the level becomes harder and harder as you continue to play.
Game #1 -You choose the virtual prize you want to grab, click on it and the huge claws will move to the prize and grab it.To win, you have to grab "one of the choices ".This game has great music and cute "Lego style" characters in Disney Pixar Toy Story movies like Buzz and Woody.
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This game from Lego.
Com features cute LEGO characters such as Buzz, Woody and little green alien in Toy Story movies.The goal of the game is to find and grab "one of the choices ".Get extra energyImprove yourself by catching Woody, Buzz and others.
The background music is great, and the sound effect of "squeezing aliens" is also very interesting.You can choose your own game level so that this game is good for everyone.If you don't have time before you find the chosen person, it will tell you where he is hiding.
Tip: If it's hard for you to find someone to choose from, grab Buzz Lightyear and find the most helpful clues.Game #2 -Use the arrow keys to move the crane.Press the space bar to drop the crane and try to get the prize.
You have to try to catch the plush teddy bear of Garfield, named "Pookey ".This game has characters from Garfield movies like Garfield and dog Odie.I found this game at start games.http://www.startgames.Ws/game/get_pookey.This game features cat Garfield and dog Odie.
The purpose of the game is to rescue Garfield teddy bear Pookey trapped in the claw machine.If you take the wrong prize, it will "poof" and Garfield may get grumpy!Turn up the volume as the sound and video are great in this game, especially Garfield kidding you while you're trying to play!When you play the game, the level of the game becomes more and more difficult, so it is a great game for beginners and professionals.Other virtual prizes are cute stuffed animals like elephants, yellow ducks, dogs, gorillas and cats.
Tip: Take a look at the red knob that moves when you move the paw, right next to it, and you can see how far the crane actually moves by looking at the two red lines moving as you move the claw.I love the claw machine in real life, I found a lot of virtual claw machine games on the Internet, these are the best two.Both games are great as they have lovely prizes, great graphics and cool music.
The "claw" game squeezed the little aliens and when you tried to play, "Get Pookey" made Garfield joke about you.Save your dormitory!While you really can't keep the prizes you win because the prizes are virtual, you can play "Virtual Dorm" instead of the real dorm, so these free games are fun and affordable
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