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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
The basic month of Super Wild-reel, 5-Pay line slot machine game with jackpot.You can play this free download-free slot machine game in a comfortable home.The online version of the game has super meter mode and basic mode (do we need to explain these modes?Please do the same ).
The more you bet for the super jackpot, the more chances you will win.If you want to play fun games, try the Super Clown game for free.This is a popular game played by thousands of enthusiastic players around the world in casinos and online casinos.
The Super Clown slot machine has a row of four main buttons that control your game.In this progressive slot machine, there is no wild symbol and there is no option of "free spin" or "multiplier.The game is based on the fruit theme, the symbol is clown, seven, water-Melon, cherry, orange, plum, Bell, chest.
* Rotation: you can rotate the reel horizontally at the current bet in regular or super meter mode.* Bet: in super meter mode, you can change the bet size between twenty, forty, Hundred and 200.Usually you change between 1 and 10.* Maximum bet: Maximize your bet with 10 coins and rotate the reels.
* Collection: deposit the amount currently in super meter into the bank and return to regular rotation mode.You can adjust the sound and automaticallyUse the small controls below the game window for setting.You can maximize your earning power and entertain yourself with free super clown slot machines.
If you bet 1 to 10 coins in basic mode, you can bet to 10 in your way and enter super meter mode using the maximize bet feature.Once you're here, all the points will be stored in the Super table.If you bet hundreds of clowns on the scroll in the middle, you'll win a mysterious victory, which could be anything between a hundred and 2000 credits.
At bet 200, one or more clowns will give you a mysterious victory of hundreds to 2000 credits.When you bet more to improve your chances of winning, there is a progress jackpot with a random choice that will help you.First of all, in the Mega Joker online slots, you have to click on the coin and select the value of your coin.
Bet allows you to choose bet (one to ten in basic mode, two, forty, Hundred or 200 in super meter mode ).Max bet plays the game with Max bet line, top bet level and pre-selected coin value.In spinning games and collections by current bet line, you can transfer your credit from super meter game to basic.
In basic mode, you can select the value coin between 0.10 or 0.20.In regular mode, your bonus will be transferred to the super meter at the top of the machine when you win the rotation.You can either proceed from here or click the collect button to deposit your bonus into the bank.
The free super clown does not have a random jackpot for download slots.Each time you bet a part of it is added to the accumulation bonus and paid with the accumulated bonus value on the casino server when winning the accumulation bonus.Your currency may be different from the one shown, but it will be converted when you collect the bonus.
When you play giant clown games online, there is a guarantee to enjoy
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