game cabinets for sale Tigers Models and Hobbies to close at the end of February

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
game cabinets for sale Tigers Models and Hobbies to close at the end of February
Launceston's hobby hunter can enjoy the stripes of the famous St. John's Street store in less than a monthxa0Before itxa0Make tracks.Tiger models and hobbies will be closed on Saturday, February 24, more than 25 years later in the community.
Owner Helen and Hans have been running the store for the past 14 years and have decided to retirexa0The latter's recent health problems.First through social media and then through a list of two agents.So far, no offer has been received to purchase the business.
In a statement, the two thanked the store staff and paid tribute to the support given by the wider community."At a recent management team meeting, people reluctantly decided to close the business," wrote The Wanders couple ."."The boss is particularly appreciative of the work done by business manager D'Wayne Leonard.
"Wexa0When they buy the business and learn a lot from him, they are new to the hobby industry."Management is disappointed that they are unable to provide business continuity."We have become friends with many customers in the past 14 years and we will definitely miss them.
"We express our sincere thanks to all our customers.Normal trading will continue until three o'clock P.M. on Saturday, February 24.Website meetingxa0It is still available once the store is closed.
In addition to the normal purchase and sale inventory, all store accessories, shelves, caddies, display materials, cabinetsxa0Will be sold.Some of them may not be able to collect until the transaction is stopped
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