game arcade Tengen Tetris and Nintendo Tetris History

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
game arcade Tengen Tetris and Nintendo Tetris History
This article is for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Tencent Tetris and Nintendo Tetris and the differences between them.First of all, what is Tetris?By definition, Tetris is when four lines are eliminated at the same time and then interesting click noise.There is nothing secret or special except the extra points at the end of Tetris game.
In 1985-More than 1988 companies are vying for the rights of Tetris.Nintendo and tenggen are two major conflict companies.Steaming is a branch of Atari games (arcade games.
The problem is that Tencent and Nintendo are competing directly when rights are still being considered.In 1988, Nintendo has the right to hold and console versions, while arcade has the right to arcade.This still does not solve the problem of all the steaming Nes cartridges released to the public.
The Tetris is the rarest Nes bullet in history.In the game, the only major difference between the two games is that the increase in the numberplayer mode.Even if you don't have 2nd players, you can face the computer.
Nintendo can only play one player mode.
Until they made 2, the profits of both companies (Tencent and Nintendo) were not as good as the first Tetris.The music in both games can give you a headache after listening for a while.Compared to the tenacious treble music in the steaming version, Nintendo's music sounds clean.
The better game on the whole is steaming because it adds two player options (w/o computer) and a slightly better graphics.The Tetris is also the highest value Nes magazine in Nes history.So the possibility of finding this Nes cartridge is very small.
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