galaga arcade game Things to Do with Kids in and around Northern Virginia

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There are many families in Northern Virginia.Friendly activities!My wife and I have three great kids.A 13-year-old boyA ten-year-old girlyear old boy.
We are always looking for interesting (different) things in the Northern Virginia area..The more feedback you provide, the better this shot will be.Thank you for coming!P.S.Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates.
..Show and save your SmarTrip card!Metro works with Madame Tussauds in Washington, DC to reward your precious savings by simply showing off your smartripo®Card.Just show your smartripo®Card at the time of purchase and $5 from adult admission ticket.Bring friends and family and receive up to 8 guests.
The offer expires at 12/31/13.
Red, Blue, Orange linesMetro Center exit-Red, green, yellow-Gallery exit-This discount offer does not apply to buying tickets in advance and cannot be combined with any other offer.Madame Tussauds may be closed due to special events, so please call 1-866-823-9565 or visit their website to update Madame Tussauds and thank you for taking the subway!I can't find any official press release or web page to confirm this coupon;About the same e-mail.
The circus is here.
..Lion, tiger and bear.
..oh my!Brother Lin.
The Barnum and Bailey Circus are coming to Washington, D.C.C.area...More details...Do you like watching movies?.I just started using this shot and will add content on a regular basis.Booyah!It's 35 miles south of Washington, D.
Triangle of VAIt's convenient to go to the museum.From D.C., take I-Exit 95 south to exit a and follow the signs to the museum.As you approach the museum, you will see the stunning design of the building, which evokes iconic photos of the Marines raising the American flag on the island of sulfur nest.
Lots of parking.
The first thing we did when we entered the museum was to watch the short 15-A movie about the Marines.The film is a series of interviews with current (and former) Marines who are patriotic but honest and tenacious to see what it means to be a Marine.The film is played every twenty minutes from an hour.
For fans of military time, this is 00, 20 and 40.There are several lives in the central gallery.All visitors will marvel at the big exhibitions, especially the youngest.
In addition to the aircraft hanging from the ceiling, there are a number of large displays, including helicopters and simulated beach landings.The museum's permanent exhibits are arranged in chronological order, starting with the birth of the Marine Corps in 1775.The first exhibition we visited was to make an ocean.
The exhibition starts with a bus carrying new recruits and guides visitors through the admission process.As you walk past the bus, you immediately notice a series of footprints, with the heel pointing out to an angle with the toe, painted on the ground.Next to the bus is a barber shop chair and a series of constantly changing photos showing photos before and after the first haircut of young recruits.
My two children like this part of the museum best.Lots of interactive hands.In the event, include a backpack to be lifted, a pull up bar, or even a shooting range where you can try to use M-Within the scope of target decline.There is also an additional fee for the event ($5 for July 2011 ).
Each participant took 10 photos.
The M-16 it is very heavy and it is difficult for children to catch.You can stabilize the weapon with some brackets.At the end of 10 shots, you get a printed output showing where each shot falls on the target.
The permanent exhibits in the museum are impressive in terms of the amount of information provided and the quality of the exhibits.If you like military memorabilia, you will love the Marine Corps museum.You can see that the uniforms of the Marines change over time.
There are hundreds of flags, medals, swords, weapons and vehicles (ground, air and water) in the museum ).The kids will love the bigger exhibition, where you, museum lovers, are part of the event.A minute ago, you boarded an amphibious vehicle ready to attack the beach, and the next minute, you help you defend yourself against ruthless enemies outdoors in the cold winter.
All in all, the exhibits are done very well and the correct combination of information and objects can be viewed and interacted.The museum has two restaurants on the second floor.The restaurant is a casual buffet restaurant.
On the day we visited, the restaurant served typical dishes such as pizza, hot dogs and cheese and chips.The second is Tun's Tavern, a little more upscale.down place.Although we did not eat at any restaurant during our visit, the prices at both restaurants were very reasonable.
There is a museum store with a wide variety of marine sources.Again, the price of this store seems reasonable compared to the other muesum stores I 've been.If you like to bring your own lunch, there is an outdoor picnic area and a beautiful playground.
Apart from Christmas, the Marine Corps Muesum is open daily and is a great place to visit for adults and children..Are you a sports fan?.Recent posts include a single ticket sale for Potomac Nationals, and the UVA Cavaliers soccer team held a spring match in Alexandria.My son and I joined a middle group.On a recent Friday night, laser tags were made at Sterling in VA.
In the same strip mall as the big section, but can't see the front of the store from the main entrance, so you may have to look for it.all-for $13.After we paid for the unlimited pass, we got a separate wristband to wear.Each band has a specific color and you are playing with the same group of people who have the same color wristbands.
On the night of our visit, there were two other groups with the same color wristbands as we did.There are about 10 people in a group, mostly adults.The others are 10 teenagers.When your color is announced, you go to the briefing room.
In the briefing room, The Game Master introduced you to the game.Our game master is a tall, skinny teenage boy (maybe Junior/high school?) Who did a good job of reciting the rules and answering the few questions raised by adults.The "goal" stated in the game is in three formsway capture-the-But, in my experience, it quickly became free --for-all, every-person-for-A grand event shot by yourself (most laser tag participants seem to be teenage boys :-We stayed for two hours at LaserNation and played four laser tag games.
I'm not sure how long the actual game will last, but when you play, the time will soon pass.You spend most of your time in the Briefing Room (before the game), belonging (wearing a vest) or waiting for your score (after the game ).There is not much to do between games.Like many other laser tags, there are some arcade games like Ms.
Pac Man, Galaga and Sea Hunter.
The price of most games is between $0.
50 and $0.
So pack enough coins (or dollars because there is a change ).Our group had dinner before going to laser country, so we didn't eat there.I saw several vending machines.Sodas were $1.Snacks around $25.Prices don't seem to be ridiculously high.
While the site claims they can accommodate groups of up to 200 people, I really don't know where people who don't actively play with laser tags will stand or sit.While waiting for the start of the game, there are several open areas for people to sit there.There were a couple of party rooms but we didn't get a chance to see these.
Overall, it was an interesting experience.Although I am not a hard coded laser tag enthusiast, I had a great time at LaserNation.It must be interesting to go with a group of people.
A convenient but expensive way to get around Virginia DCC.The D.C.) Is a great way to visit metropolitan D.C.Area (including D.C.Virginia and Maryland ).While the Metro includes rail, bus and accessibility services, the article will focus primarily on the Metro (rail) system.Those of you who live or work in WashingtonC.
The area may want to jump to the end of this article to find out the tips for me to take the subway with my family.The Metro system serves 86 stations, covering 106 miles of track.The subway is open from five o'clock A.M.Midnight from Monday to Thursday, five o'clock A.
to three o'clock A.
on Friday, seven o'clock A.
to three o'clock A.
on Saturday, and seven o'clock A.
to midnight on Sunday.
The subway occasionally extends the running hours of major public events such as the presidential inauguration or the Marine Corps Marathon.In addition, there are single rooms in the subwayFor emergency or maintenance purposes, tracking the train can cause delays and even close the station.During the recent big snow storm.C.Metro had to close the above area (December 2009)Ground station to prevent weatherRelated Failures in the service.
Information about the updated service.
As of January 2010, the regular (or peak) subway fare was $1.65 to $4.50.Peak fares are usually charged during the morning and afternoon rush hours of the working day.Off-Peak fares (all other dates and times) are between $1.
35 and $2.
It can accommodate up to two children aged 4 and under, and each adult can take a free ride.Children aged 5 and above are subject to adult fare.Everyone who has to pay the fare must have their own fare card.
Metro offers paper fare cards, Smartrip cards, and plastic rechargeable fare cards.If you're visiting Washington, D.C.C.Parking fees are not required for a short period of time and it may not make sense to purchase a Smartrip card.The subway charges a surcharge of $5 for the purchase of the Smartrip card.
You can purchase Smartrip cards online or at certain subway stations.You can purchase paper fare cards in cash or credit/debit cards at all stations.Most stations with parking lots and/or garages (if not all) sell Smartrip cards.
Also, although the Metro does not have much publicity or advertising, it does offer a Metro pass.A one-The day pass is valid for an unlimited day by subway after 9: 30 working days.m.Or a full-day fee for Saturdays, Sundays and some federal holidays is $7.
Metro also offers 7-Short trip pass for a day and 7-day fast pass.More detailsHere are my suggestions for families taking the subway.First of all, please walk left on all the stairs and escalators in and around the subway system and stand right, especially during the peak hours of the working day.
Second, all subway trains stop at the front end of all platforms.Eight-The car train will fill the whole platform;However, there will be space on the platform for shorter trains.You should wait in the middle or on the platform in front.
Third, if you intend to use a paper fare card, you feed the card (the card will show in what direction it should go) at the front of the gate, the card is returned to you through a slot at the top of the gate.You have to get the card out before the fare door opens.Fourth, if you intend to park in the Metro parking lot or garage on normal working days (when the Metro charges parking fees), see if the Metro station you want to park accepts a credit card.
Credit cards are not accepted at the station--Some stations, like Francisco.Springfield has specific doors to accept credit card payments--You need to buy a Smartrip card to pay for the parking fee to leave the parking lot.Fifth, please pay attention when taking the subway escalator.
While this does not happen very often, it is well known that passengers, especially children, will have their shoes or clothes stuck on escalators.Also, some escalators like Wheaton (red line) and Roslyn (blue and orange line) are also high (long?), So you certainly don't want to play these games.Finally, it is forbidden to eat and drink on the subway.
Please help keep the subway system clean!I hope I didn't scare you off the subway.Despite the many warnings in the post, the subway is a good way for families to get in and out of D.C.Metropolitan areaPlease leave feedback on my lens regarding questions or tips on using the Metro.
CC BY 2.
.The museum is located on the first floor of the main building of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia.Like many museums in Washington, D.C.C.Free admission.This is a very small museum.On Friday after Thanksgiving, our whole family went.
we only spent more than 2030 minutes in the museum;Spent most of the time in the museum store (there are some very neat toys there ).There is a main showroom with a permanent exhibition called "invention link" that describes how to use previous ideas and patent development patents.There are also some display cases showing unique or timely patents or inventions.
There was a Les Paul guitar on display when we visited.In addition, there is an exhibition that describes a device that Michael Jackson worked.Invention, patent number 5,255,452, this "allows the wearer to tilt forward more than his center of gravity by wearing a specially designed pair of shoes, which will be in contact with a movable projected suspension member through the stage surface.
"I think this is Billy Jean's video where you can see Michael Jackson leaning forward with the dancers around him.The most beautiful exhibits are the Portrait Gallery.In the portrait gallery, the portrait becomes lifelike and introduces visitors to the history of the US Patent and Trademark Office in the United States.
Open from nine o'clock A.
to five o'clock P.
Monday to Friday and open from noon to five o'clock P.M. Saturday.There are restrictions-Street parking and lots of parking are nearby.It is a multimedia treasure hunt sponsored by the Luce Foundation Center of the Smithsonian American Museum of Art (SAAM.
The purpose of the game is to save two young curators Daisy and Daniel who were possessed by ghosts in the museum.You help Daisy and Daniel by sending text messages, solving puzzles, deciphering clues and tracking treasure maps.Most games are played within the scope of the Luce Foundation Center, which is located on the third floor of SAAM;However, part of the game will take you to the rest of the museum (but not the National Portrait Gallery ).
The clues presented in the game are linear;The solution for each thread leads you to the next thread.There are three different mini games in Ghost of opportunitymysteries.In the first part, you try to save Daisy, one of the two young employees.
In the second part, your goal is to help Daniel, another young employee who is scared by the spirit.In the third and final part, you saved the museum.While you can handle these three parts in any order, I would suggest helping Daniel and Daisy first (in any order) before saving the museum ).
The ghost of opportunity is very interesting.Our family played this game together and enjoyed it very much.It's great to explore different parts of SAAM and check out their many collections.
The game uses a multimedia kiosk (located at the Luce Foundation Center) so that children have the opportunity to demonstrate their computer skills.The biggest "problem" is that every child wants to send (and view) all text messages.It's a bit annoying to hear them complain about who's going to send the last text message, or how unfair their siblings are to use one more kiosk than they are.
Just like normal family entertainment.
..:-If you get stuck in the game-We're stuck with a thread.-Helpful staff in person (or via mobile phone.In addition, SAAM exhibited a series of works by Jean Shin.
The collection is located next to the Luce Foundation Center;check it out...It's cool.If you're going with the kids, two quick notes on the Shin exhibition.First of all, photography is not allowed in that particular exhibition.
It was hard for me to understand this when a security guard asked me to put away my camera.Second, only one exhibit is interactive, but there are over-sensitive sensors around several exhibits that go off if you approach.The guards will be annoyed by the constant alarm/hum of unsuspecting visitors.
I think there are some small ways to improve.First of all, modify the game a little so that each thread helps with the overall solution.Now, if you stumble across a thread while playing the game (or just exploring the museum), you can skip a few steps.
Next, leave more space for clues.
In some cases, the popularity of the game caused several teams to approach each other and inadvertently revealed a clue.Finally, the game is provided more often :-It is commendable that the creative team behind GOAC has developed a sequel called Return to spirit that addresses some of the suggestions that players have made.The three Smithsonian staff in charge of overseeing the game did ask for feedback from those who decided to play both games.
In fact, they offer prizes to players who fill out the survey at the end of the game.The ghost of an opportunity and the return of the soul are once a month.The next two dates are Saturday, July 11, 2009 and Sunday, August 16, 2009.
;However, at the time of writing this report (June 29, 2009), the date after September has not yet been published on the online calendar.According to the GOAC website, both games are suitable for people aged 12 and over, and each game takes about 90 minutes to complete.Each group involved--This is a more interesting game to play with a group of people ---You need a phone that can send and receive text messages.
Unfortunately, my son found his pre-Paid Trac phones are not compatible with games.If you have a return of a group of 10 or more people who want to play the ghost or soul of an opportunity, you can contact the staff at least seven days in advance to arrange an appointment.Contact Information.Association of Science-Find a science center closest to you and participate in this project.
In short, you can purchase membership at the participating science museum and have free access to many other science museums in the United StatesS.(and world).There are more than 290 museums participating in the ASTC passport program.However, there are also some precautions.First of all, the plan does not apply to 90-The mile radius of your "home" museum.
Second, free admission is usually only for general admission to the museum, excluding IMAX screenings, Planetarium screenings, or any other "special" event.Third, you have to take out your membership card.of-Town science museum that benefits from the project.
We have family membership at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore and visited the Minnesota Science Museum in St. using the ASTC passport programPaul of Minnesota, Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh and Pacific Science Center in Seattle are free of charge.This is a great project and a great way to save money!.
It is a company that operates a number of movie chains, including De Lux cinema, Showcase Cinema and Multiplex cinema.Movie theater G-Movies for children on Saturday and Sunday.Two theaters were involved in the project in North Virginia.
They are Cinema 14, Cape ferfax, De Lux cinema and Lee Highway cinema.On December, they showed the Santa brothers.I haven't had a chance to take my kids to a children's movie yet.
If you have, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.Best Aquarium of the yearMy family and I loved the Baltimore Aquarium.Not only did we visit more than half of the aquariuma-More than a dozen times, my daughter and I also took part in an all-night "breakfast with Dolphins" program.
Why is the aquarium so great?First of all, the location here.The Baltimore National Aquarium is located in the heart of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.Quick tip: The Aquarium offers a $3 coupon for parking in the Inner Harbor garage on SGay Street.
Stop on the 3rd floor platform and you can cross the Light Street through skywalk, directly in front of the aquarium.Second, there are all kinds of exhibitions.The clan now.2007), my favorite is Animal Planet Australia, frog!Chorus of color and dolphin show, Play!Dolphin shows are very popular and I would recommend buying pre-sale tickets through the master of tickets or directly from the aquarium ticket center.
Finally, of course not least, the volunteers and staff at the aquarium are top notch --notch.They are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help.My advice: If you are in the area, check out the Baltimore National Aquarium as soon as possible.
If your family loves the aquarium as much as my family does, invest in a family membership.A one-It will cost $109 to purchase family membership.For a family of 4, a 3-year-old, one visit to the aquarium, no dolphin showIt costs $70.
Buy tickets.
Go P-Nats!Tonight at the Pfitzner Stadium in VA Woodbridge against the Wilmington Blue Rocks.It was a spectacular night for baseball and we had a great time.We have seats in the first box on the 1st base side.
It's a great seat for adults, but it's hard for my kids to see the yellow plastic barrier on the fence.Second behavior they provide a better perspective.In addition to the beauty, another benefit of sitting in the field box is that there are a lot of waiting people who can get you hot dogs, soda, candy or whatever you desire.
Between the five of us, we had six hot dogs, one sausage and two Diping points (can someone tell me what Diping point is?), Two bags of peanuts and a box of popcorn.Hot dogs are $1 per person.Had a great night at the baseball stadium.Tickets for the stands and hot dogs are $1 each.
Last year, dollar nights included $ popcorn and soda.I think the promotion last year was a bit too popular :-With three children under the age of 10, we decided to leave the game after 5 innings.The first game was 7: 35 p.m.-Start a little later than I thought, but even on a summer Monday, bad traffic peaks are understandable-About 9: 15 we left.
ALE (always leave early) theory.
Find a job you love and in your life you never have to work every day...We took a last-Minutes, a day trip to several places within/around the sheroa Valley, including the sheroa Valley Discovery Museum, Highway 11 potato chips and a wonderful farm with pickingyour-Fruits of their own, including peaches and blackberries.Incredible flying objectsOn the old town pedestrian street in WinchesterBy their definition, the store sells "anything flying without a motor ".
\ "This includes: juggling equipment, darts, disc golf, magic, joke toys (hey, did anyone drop nickel on the floor?), Planes, rockets and Yo-YoYo\'s.Employees really love what they do, and this is manifested in their enthusiasm and the way they treat their customers.If you are in the area, you have to stop and see the incredible flying objects.
..Someone through dip!In Middletown, VA.
11 provides a glimpse of how they make potato chips from nine o'clock A.M. to five o'clock P.M. Monday to Saturday instead of a trip.According to their website, the best time to see potato chips made is earlier in the afternoon.We got to Rt.At about 11: 30 a.m. on Saturday morning, fortunately, when several batches of light-I'm making salty potato chips.
We even started sampling a few minutes after the chip was finished.Yum...The woman who works in front of the store knows the chip very well.The production process and tells us about the history of the company.
Plans to move to larger facilities;Hopefully this means they are really able to have a real factory visit to their facilities.At the same time, let yourself go to Rt.Try 14 of them (!) Types of potato chips!According to Rt.They opened a new factory in Jackson Hill in June 6, 2008.
They no longer do any production in Middletown.The retail counter in Middletown will remain open on MondayFriday, 9-5.They advise tourists to call before you make a long journey.
The official opening of Jackson Hill's new retail store is scheduled for the fall.Please pay attention to more details!J.R.Nice property;Maybe more...J.R.Leesburg in VAThe weather is spectacular, and the property where the facilities are located is also great;However, the food was average and various activities in the seven picnic areas were disappointing.J.R.Festival lakes include the following activities: swimming in the pool, fishing or paddling around the fishing lake, volleyball, softball, golf driving range (more will be available later), Horseshoe, children's play areas, carriages, badminton and tug-of-war competitions.
The above activities are available in each picnic area;However, the picnic area is so far apart from each other that you can't do most of the activities in the afternoon.Our picnic area, by the lake, is held in a large tent next to the swimming lake.You must be desperate to swim in.We have a volleyball court (uneven ground), a badminton court (on top of a rapidly falling Mountain) and a horseshoe nearby.
I knew that J.
Festival Lake has a practice range, so I took a few clubs from the car and walked to the "Practice Range ".Yes, it is technically a golf course;However, the ball is bad and the mat is worse."Bucket" of the ball (10-In a red plastic bucket.
It must be 1/2-3/4 miles from our picnic area.It was disappointing...On the positive side, the staff is quite friendly and there are a few nice tunes for the record player.I can't imagine too many places in Northern Virginia (except J.
\'S) you can have a picnic there for 1001,000 people.It's probably just so much...Last Saturday, I took my 9-.Despite the gathering of Scouts, we had a good time.Scouts have an area where they can build their own rocket models.
My son (after 30 minutes in line with me) had the chance to try the bow and arrow.It's more interesting to have a BB gun range.It's certainly easy to get from Northern Virginia to Camp Snyder.
Just me-Haymarket in Virginia.
For history lovers, the land at Camp Snyder was once considered part of history --The theme amusement park owned and operated by Disney..NVGSA is one of the few organizations that sponsor girls softball in the North Virginia area (I know ).She's the coach of the 8U League-pitch.The other age groups are: 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U.
This season, there are seven teams of her age.There are 7 to 10 girls in each team.My daughter likes softball very much and gets better and better every season.The team exercises once a week and has games on Saturday morning.
I put my mom and me eight.
in downtown D.
Overall, I think there are a few interesting exhibitions in the museum, especially if you like gadgets in 007 movies or watch smart TV shows, but it is more for adults and teenagers than middle school students.(In addition to this, the museum does say on its literature and website, "while children of all ages are welcome, children aged 12 and over will receive the greatest benefit from the exhibits, the exhibits usually include text panels and interactive displays.I put my eightIn the 1st round of the 2006 NCAA Men's football championship held earlier today, one-year-old son saw the GMU men's football team play against Bucknell.
This is my first time at the GMU football match and we had a great time.The GMU stadium is right next to the stadium, right next to Rt.123.Lots of parking and easy access.$7 for adults and $5 for children.There are many seats in the stands.Even though there are 1,000 people in the stands of today's competition, there are many good seats.
While the fields house next door has a small dim sum trailer and bathroom, I would highly recommend bringing a small cooler with dim sum.The line of the snack booth moved v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-Y, thanks to Murphy's law, they don't have hot dogs as soon as we get to the front of the team.I would also recommend bringing the stadium/seat cushion.
Sitting in the metal bleachers for a long time is not fun.At 1st and a half, we were sitting on the side closest to the entrance.There are many students in GMU.-Most people look like they wake up a few minutes before the start of the game at one o'clock P.
M ---sat around us.
While the students are neither noisy nor annoying, most of them don't like games and care more about interacting with each other :-) In 2nd half of the time, my son and I sat at the far end, and there were far fewer people at that end.All in all, we had a good time.The Patriots lost too bad, but we will definitely cheer them up in the stands next season!In Washington, D.C.C..I had a good memory, went to the local arcade with my friends, and when I put my $5 note into the token exchange machine and watched 30 game tokens fall into my hands ,.
The pinball machine is fun for me, usually played by older teenagers or adults, and many of them look terrible.Regular admission (9 years and older) is $3 for our visit (July 2011) and credits are $0.75 each.You can purchase an annual ticket for $80, which provides unlimited access to NPM, advance notice of NPM events and tournaments, and discounts for museum store shopping throughout the year.
The dark cloud hanging over the National Pinball Museum is that their lease expires in early September.I asked the woman at the front desk if it was possible to extend the lease, and she said, "No.For modern pinball machines, the main attraction of the NPM is dozens (not hundreds) of pinball machines.
There are several machines to play for free.Most are displayed only.The rest is $0.Play 75 per credit.The NPM does provide plastic cards that can buy points (very similar to the points for Dave and Busters ).There's a dim salaryand-There are about 20 playrooms with pinball machines of different ages and types that you can play.
During our visit in July 2011, several machines were not working.For tourists to play.A very good contact.My kids and I especially like the Adams family, the Safecracker and the spin fan.There is a small theater near the beginning of the exhibition, but on the day we visited, the only show was the DVD main menu about the pinball.
NPM also has a gift shop at the entrance of the museum.It has some regular museum tickets like pencils, pens, magnets and t-shirts.Nothing to write.There is an underground parking lot in the store, but it is expensive.
The first hour was $7.
Parking is $13 for two hours.
$15 for 3 hours, $18 a day.
If you are lucky, you can park on the side of the road (most of the space on M Street or Wisconsin Avenue is up to two hours ).The National Pinball Museum is open from Thursday, noon to eight o'clock P.M., Friday from noon to ten o'clock P.M., Saturday from ten o'clock A.M. to ten o'clock P.M., and Sunday from noon to six o'clock P.M.Information about the update.Celebrate my 7 on Sunday afternoon-Daughter's birthday.
This is my fourth visit to the Cub Run and I am still impressed with the facilities here and, more importantly, the staff here are friendly and have a conscience.Close to the border of Louden County.The main attraction of the Cub Run is the leisure swimming pool.-30--20------Tiny-tot slide.Please note that the use of the whirlpool and the two water slides must be 48 inch high;However, if your child is not 48 inch tall but a good swimmer (like my sevenYear old daughter), you can ask the cub running lifeguard to have a short swim test for your child.
If your child passes, they get a wristband that allows them to use the whirlpool and water slide.The locker room facilities at the Cub Run are brand new and excellent.When a lot of people put their stuff in unlocked lockers, I would suggest locking your stuff up for 25 cents.
In addition to the lockers in the locker room, the casual pool area has huge bins that can be used to put towels and flipflops, etc.We have to run around two o'clock P.M. on Sunday.When we got there, both the electrical circulation and the vortex were closed.At first, I thought it was a mechanical cause that caused them to close.
Later I found out that they were closed because there was not enough lifeguards to watch the parts.At about 2: 30 p.m., some more staff came. both stations were open.This is a good time to discuss the Cub Run staff (and applaud them ).I was impressed by the friendliness, expertise and conscience of the staff there.
There are at least four lifeguards in the leisure pool area.At least one staff member is monitoring the entrance to the two slides.Another lifeguard is looking at the swimming area.
The third lifeguard kept walking through the current passage and Whirlpool.The fourth lifeguard is monitoring the shallow, tinytot area.The lifeguards will not hesitate to blow their whistle and make sure everyone has fun safely.
All in all, while the size (or price) of the Cub Run is not the same as the Wolf Inn (see my article below about the big wolf), it's a great place to have a birthday party or visit on a cold rainy day.I highly recommend it.Yes, the airport...My four-The one-year-old likes the airport.He also likes to take the train. Rather, he likes to take the subway..Our subway trip to the airport is always on weekends, notHoliday weekend, so we can usually sit in the front seat of the leading car behind the subway operator.
My son still likes to see the scenery from the front of the train and from the operator's point of view.It takes about 30 minutes for us to take the train.Once we get to the airport, we usually go to the updated Terminal (B and C) and park in front of one of the windows and watch the plane take off and land.
The airport was great for the kids as there was a lot of places to eat, lots to see and lots of clean bathrooms to visit.There are plenty to choose from...The North Virginia area is lucky to have so many teams (and venues) of professional and amateur sports ).We have professional teams in five major sports leagues.
.In addition to professional teams, there are several major university sports programs in the area, including George Washington University, the University of Maryland, the University of America, and George Mason University.In Allen town, PA.I loved the museum so much that I wrote a short emailMail it to the curator of the museum and thank him for his interesting, interactive exhibits and outstanding staff in the museum.More information about the museum...The museum is located on a hill near Cedar College.
The building has two floors.
There is a large space for several exhibitions on the ground floor, a medium-sized DEMO conference room ---There will be more later.-There is also a snack area with vending machines (including vending machines, which can provide hot food such as pizza and chips ).The top floor consists of several classrooms and an open area with about a dozen interactive exhibitions.
I don't remember what the theme of the exhibition on the second floor is, but they are centered on sports physics.My children like interactive exhibitions.There are a lot of things to push, pull, wear, listen, poke, twist, turn, mash and build.I hope they learned one or two things.The staff at the museum were excellent.Many volunteers seem to be teenagers or young people.
They are great with the kids and have a great understanding of the exhibits and the scientific principles behind them!On the day we visited the da Vinci discovery center, cyclist Bob did two demos.Bob (sorry I don't remember his last name) is from PA State University and collects bikes.Not just bicycles, though.He collected all kinds of bicycles.Everyone likes his speech.I will try my best to describe the most impressive bike he has shown.
Imagine two big bike wheels, maybe eight.
10 feet in diameter, there is a swinging bike seat in the middle.Getting on the bus is tricky and getting off the bus is more difficult!All in all, The Da Vinci Discovery Center is a very suitable museum for children under the age of 13.There are many interactive exhibitions here, and the staff are very good.
If you drive through the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend visiting the museum.It is a hidden treasure, only a few minutes from Baltimore Inner Harbor.With BMI in the background of old cannery, there are many fascinating examples of past (and present) machines and equipment.
At the end of August, we visited BMI on a quiet Sunday afternoon and visited most of the museums in person.Luckily, a volunteer guide noticed that we were hanging out in the museum and offered to serve as our guide.She's amazing!I highly recommend to ask the guide to show you around the museum.
Our guide was able to turn on and operate many working equipment.In addition, her story made our visit special.For example, do you know what a candle is?In the 19 th century, love is more fashionable than now :-), When a young suitor calls, the father adjusts the height of the candle by screwing a small pole.
Did you know that during the Baltimore fire in 1904, the fire truck from WashingtonC.However, their effectiveness is limited due to incompatible coupling?So the federal government has specified the general size for all hose joints?Great indoor water park!I was in Williamsburg, VA earlier this summer and loved it.Great indoor water park!There is an area for young children.
There are two small water slides.
There is also a great wave pool with lots of rafts for everyone to use.The river rafting tour is fun and the large water slides are fun.One advantage is that the big wolf allows you to use the water park on the day of your stay.
In addition, you can also enjoy the water park on the day you check out.A great site that lists activities and resources for children and parents in Washington, DC, Richmond and Chesapeake, Maryland.* Wait.When you visit our children, please let them know that you read about them on the NovaKids Squidoo lens.
National Zoo in Washington, D.
From November 28-20 to December 30.
The zoo is open from six o'clock P.
8PM each night.
The main attraction is a variety of lighting performances throughout the zoo, depicting a variety of animals (apparently ).In addition to the display of lights, some buildings, such as houses for small mammals and reptiles, are also open for visitors.There are other activities, such as puppet shows and craft stations, depending on the evening of the week.
My family went last Saturday night and while the exhibition was great we were disappointed that the zoo was not allowed to bake marshmallow (despite advertising promoting availability of marshmallow) (B) in fact, only part of the zoo is part of the zoo exhibition.The entrance fee is $6 for FONZ members and $10 for non-membersmembers.FONZ members can buy a family of four-pack for $20.
As usual, TicketMaster is the most convenient option, but they charge excessive shipping and handling fees.Discover the gloomy side of the air and space!Annual Halloween event for ghosts and goblins of all ages.Udvar-In Washington, D.C.C.The Udvar-Hazy Center is located in VA Chantilly, south of Dulles International Airport, Washington.
Everyone is encouraged to arrive in an indoor magic costume --or-treating.Your favorite Star Wars character will be available for pictures.Children will be able to participate in Halloween craftingTime about activities and stories.
Older kids will have karaoke, simulation games and robot demos to keep them busy.This is my favorite activity in the evening.-Watch a episode of "Jetsons" at the Imax cinema.
Will be October 25 Saturday four o'clock P.M. to eight o'clock P.M. in Udvar-The Hazy Center of Chantilly, Virginia.No entrance fees;However, the parking fee per car is $10.
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