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This takes the "3d third person" position on the player fighter represented by the Green Line.frame graphics.You will enter three initials at the beginning of the game to name your boxer, and then take the ring to face the increasingly difficult opponent, in the process of becoming the undisputed champion of the world.The game will continue to produce a sequel (called Super Punch) and a series of spin gamesTurned off titles and conversions for home computers and home game systems of this era (official and unofficial efforts ).
It's time to lift the gloves, cheer up and pop up in the gum --Starting at 1980.Seconds out.Round one.Ding!Ding!In the game, the player plays the green role described abovehaired boxer.As mentioned earlier, the boxer is seen as a wire from the backFrame the character and make it easy for the opponent (through your character) to be seen.
This is a great touch to get you to see the action correctly while playing the game.You have to clock your order to defeat each other's boxer, side Dodge (Bob and woven son, Bob and woven) covers with gloves.A hint of the opponent's next action is given by subtle eye changes (the white of the eye turns yellow), but you have to know the opponent's attack and react accordingly.
It should be noted that this is a arcade game that is by no means an accurate simulation of boxing, with a focus on fun and action, not the essence of proper boxing.You only have one round to land in any raceOut.Technically, there is no "t ko" element for multiple tapsBut "three knocks"Nevertheless, the downward rule was used;None of the boxers stood up after the third knockIn the same round.
In addition, (different from the real situation), it is impossible to win by decision-making;You will lose automatically if the turn time expires.A computer-controlled boxer will laugh at you if you lose (and your corner player!There is no doubt that this is the smart way to get you to try the game again and enter another coin...I must admit, "Come on, stand up and fight!\ "Did let me play it over and over in the day!I think it's kind of like calling Marty McFly a chicken.
..Each game only allows you to continue one game and then back to the beginning.The game created during 1980 did not actually end.If you beat the last boxer, the game will return to the first boxer as the difficulty increases.
As you may expect, the game will also keep looping until you are defeated.If you are a good player, though you can play on a coin for a long time, thus proving that you can really "go far "....Gonna Fly Now!:-Features and knocking of punching cabinetsThe game is placed in a modified upright cabinet, which is unusual because it is built with two monitors and one shows the action on the other.
The display at the top is used to display the game-Statistics (such as energy bars, knockingWhen the actual boxing action is displayed using the bottom monitor, output the meter, battle time, opponent name, etc ).The game is controlled by a joystick and three buttons.Two buttons control the left and right punches, one for each arm (represented by a "left" digital voice call )!\", or \"Right!"When hitting the head, or" body strike!\ "When hitting the torso ).
A big button is used to pass a devastating right hook, although this move is only done with some normal hit on your opponent, and raise your "ko" rice to full force before it can be realized.The continuous falling fist (not being hit by himself) makes the meter rise. when the meter reaches the maximum point, the person in the corner will shout to you, "put him away!"Or" knock him down!\".
Once you can release your devastating finishing touches, it's very exciting to watch your opponent's health bar drop sharply with each of your hits.Touch like this makes the game more playable and fun and adds some variety to the program.It would be even better if the people in the corner sounded like Burgess Meredith!This is a classic arcade game that takes boxing in a new direction.
We now have a standard "side view" of pseudo 3-not action"D. put us at the climax of action.(This game also appears in the other 8-Bit machines such as Amstrad CPC 464 and Commodore 64.At the end of 1984, a follow-up event called Super Punch Out appeared in the entertainment mall (which was converted to the SuperNES home game system) the three characters here entered the boxing match of Frank Bruno mentioned above in the shape of "Canadian Crusher, "Throw long ribs" and "Andre pancheliv" (they were re-openedName it in home computer games, but basically the same characters ).
8-other family games on.
Recently Punch Out had a great time with Nintendo Wii (which is a very playable and fun version in my opinion) and Nintendo DS.All in all, punching is still a great game and will definitely be considered a classic game of this type.Seconds out
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