frogger arcade game Jackal Arcade Game

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
frogger arcade game Jackal Arcade Game
back in 1986.This classic game topped the list.When you take the battle hardened "jack Wolf" squad to the enemy's territory and rescue as many of your comrades as you can, scroll down the vertical angle of view.While never hot, this is still a popular choice for arcade enthusiasts and casual players.I love playing this game during the day and must have thrown a lot of ten penny coins in it!I became very light ~Make this game (even if I say it myself!), Enjoy the simplicity of the action and the increasing difficulty.
With its level of elaborate construction, superb weapon powerKonami released the game again --play goods.With the start of the jack Wolves game...You control the "jack wolves" in the game, it's a four-A team of people consisting of Colonel Decker, Lieutenant Bob, Sergeant Quette and Corporal Gray.The team was sent to rescue soldiers held hostage by despicable enemies.
One or two players took control of the airborne team and jumped into an armed Jeep.The Jeep was used to venture through several strongholds of the enemy to rescue the comrades who were imprisoned there.In each of the six floors, the goal is to rescue prisoners from various buildings around the landscape and then transfer them to a helicopter that is waiting patiently.
Once the soldiers are safe, then it's time to end the usual boss level battle and they have to be defeated before you get to the next level.If you successfully fight to the last level, there are two bosses who can keep fighting.Like most running and shooting games, there is a points system that gives players extra life based on the score they get.
If there is a collision with the enemy's vehicle, or if the Jeep is hit by the enemy's bullet, life will be lost.To add some diversity to the game, some buildings contain a flashing prisoner;If the man is rescued, the main weapons of the Jeep will be upgraded.If enough prisoners are rescued, more weapons can also be obtained.
During the unloading process, the rescue helicopter was powered.The original weapons of the Jeep included machine guns and grenade launchers.The grenade launcher is OK for beginners, but once upgraded it becomes a serious ass --kicker.
Once it's converted into a rocket launcher, it's fine.When it was further upgraded to shoot long-Every time a shot button is clicked, damage from the range missile or even the "diffuse missile" enemy is handled.The day of Jack Wolf is in front of us.Muhahahhaaaaa!Jack Wolf has subtle differences depending on where you play it in the world, there are three versions of the original coin --The original Japanese version was called "tokushu Butai jack" and the World version (which I played with) was called "jack Wolf" and the North American version was called "Top Gunner ".
In the Japanese version, the machine gun fired bullets in the direction facing the Jeep, while in the global and North American versions, the gun was "fixed", so it always fired ammunition North."Fixed gun" actually adds a tactical element to the game as it makes it less easy to wipe out enemy troops.Jack Wolf is a reasonable choice for Konami and a popular choice for arcade enthusiasts.
The game is very playable and the difficulty gradually increases as you progress at each level."The gun facing North" added some strategies in the lawsuit;But the real fun is driving past any enemy running in the landscape.This game is several years earlier than the chivalrous car!You must be careful of any rocket.
Although they can take you out with a well placed strike, the launch force is still transporting the troops.Also released on 1989!Disappointed.This game has some very "toe tap" music that is well combined with the game.I once found myself humming background music for days after playing the game.
The music disappeared from the spectrum and from the C64 version, again disappointing.The NES version does integrate the music, which is the best version I play outside of the arcade.Jackal Acade gamesJack Wolf can be played by two players.
operative mode.
It's fun when you join forces with a friend to deal with the bad guys.One of you can lay on the ground and cover, while others can collect hostages from the building.This game is very interesting as a solo experience or a double performance.
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