frogger arcade game Crossy Road Guide: Tips and tricks

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
frogger arcade game Crossy Road Guide: Tips and tricks
In short, Croce Road is a great game.On the surface, it's not a big deal: you control an animal (or one of the many other characters in this game) and try to get them across the road.The problem is that the road is 2000 long, with heavy traffic, rivers, trains, police cars, and other vehicles that seem to let you run past.The game is a bit like a new version of classic arcade game froger, though richer, fun and infuriating!The game was first released on iOS, but is now also available on Android.
This is a free app to buy games.
You really don't need this IAP for success, you use it to buy one of the dozens of different characters you can use in this game.When the game starts, the animal of your choice stands at the bottom of the screen.You can only see one animal when you start the game for the first time: a chicken (why does the chicken cross the road ).
So yes, this game is not just a froger update, it's also an update to the classic Activision game Freeway released on Atari before 2600, its mission is to get a chicken safely through a busy road.The chicken also has to cross the road.But it's a bit crowded.A little dangerous.Chances are, you will kill your chicken within 5 metres.A car can run over it.It can fall in the river.The train crushed it.Or, if you wait too long before crossing the road, an Eagle will jump over the ground.
Yes, this game is quite difficult, but the mechanics of the game itself are as simple as possible.Click on the screen and your chicken jumps forward.Slide back or to the side and your chicken will move in that direction.
So simple, so simple;Good because now you can concentrate on getting your chickens across the road.You get one point for every jump.When you reach 2000, your chicken will cross the road.Congrats!Believe me, however, it will take a lot of time to get there.
.Skipping the road like a chicken with no head won't make any progress for you.Look at the traffic and plan.If you knock fast enough, you can cross the road easily.Try to make it smoother through a particular set of roads.
Of course, you can always jump back or jump to both sides if you have to, but it's better to wait for a gap to get you through the whole road at once.There are some meadows that are safe haven where you can rest for a second before moving on.Don't wait too long.So, don't worry.However, it is not a good idea to wait too long.
The eagle will fly over and kidnap you, which means the game is over.Most of the time this happens after about five seconds, so you really don't have that much time to plan your next step.However, if you skip a lane then the "Eagle timer" resets and you have more time to plan.
Don't be too upset.
Crossy Road is fun but frustrating.
Especially when you start thinking about getting a high score and fail again and again, you'll be eager to throw your tablet or smartphone on the other side of the room.Not a good idea.Play in portrait mode, not landscape mode.You can choose between the two, but when you play in portrait mode, you can see more of the future, which makes it easier for you to plan the next step.
Well, maybe not 6 million, but the short and painful way of dying is rich for your character.If you are not fast enough, the car will knock you down.But if you are too fast, you will hit the side of the car.
When crossing the road, take a second to look at the pattern.This may seem like a mess, the car will do that, but the car in one lane will go in the same direction.This does not mean, however, that they all advance at the same speed.
With this in mind, it is important to keep as much in the middle of the screen as possible so that you can clearly see as much traffic as possible.You jump across the river from log to log.The sizes of these logs vary, and their movement speed varies.
This makes it difficult to plan sometimes, and the mistake of arranging the jump time means that your character will fall into the water and drown (etc. some of the characters you unlock are ducks and fish, how can they drown?Oh, video game logic...).Be careful not to stay on these mobile logs for too long, because when you are too close to the screen, there will be rapids that pull you under the log, which means its game is over too.
There are water lilies in the river.
These mats do not move, they are a great place to stay for a second and plan ahead..There is a train track and the train is speeding from time to time.I mean speed!However, there is a warning sign when the train is about to pass.
The lights are on and there is a warning, which means you have a few seconds to jump over or wait.It usually stays away from you when a train passes, so you can stay on the rails and relax (relax long enough that you unlock an achievement ).Killed by a police carPolice cars are driving in traffic from time to time.
Although the speed is fast, warning lights and sirens will also make them appear.Besides that, they are very rare in the game..Stay too long in the same place and the game is over.
So make sure you jump forward on time and the Eagle timer will reset.However, if you jump back more than two steps, the Eagle timer will go back to the original time and it will pop up anyway.More than 50 different characters in the game can be unlocked.
You do it in a different way.
You can buy them for very little money or you can win them.You can do this when you have 100 pieces of game gold.This gives you the right to crack on the lottery machine, which gives you a box with a character inside to unlock it.
However, the box may contain one of the characters you already have.Ways to make money.There are three ways to earn game cash.One is to pick up coins scattered on the sports field.Don't pursue these too much when you're trying to get high, because trying to get one more coin can mean getting hit by a car.
Two is see other electronic game of advertising.This gives you 20 extra coins.The third is to wait six hours and press the get free gift button.This mainly refers to the number of coins between 100 and 500.
.Characters are part of the game's unique appeal.You have rabbits, ducks, dogs, horses and more.There are the monsters of Frankenstein, Dracula, aliens and some of the other otherworldly characters.
Some of these characters have changed the landscape.For example, the Frankenstein monster turned the world into black and white, while the wolf only walked at night.This is an extra pleasure for the game, though it won't change the way you play it.
Again, none of the characters really changed the game.Just try some characters and see which one you like best to play.!There is a secret character in the game, which is the mascot of the game creator Hipster Whale.
This is a whale with a hat on his head and you will find it floating in the water from time to time.Jump on his head and you will unlock him the next time you play the game..Planning is the key, but sometimes it's the most crazy to tap the screen and power up on a particularly long section.
.If you press the screen all the time, your character will not move.So, if you accidentally press the screen when the car comes, it will help you not to be squashed..Sometimes you hit so crazy that you crossed a green intersection and entered the next road.
So be careful, just three times is enough, don't click four times..When I played this game, I saw from the corner of my eye that I had reached a high score and I somehow lost my attention and got into confusion.Forget the high score and move on.When you cross the line that shows your high score, you will know that you have passed the high score very quickly.
.There are plenty of warning sounds to remind you of trains, police cars, etc..Of course, you can buy something to support people who create this great little game, but you can also unlock everything without an IAP.It just takes longer
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