electronic games machine Waste and recycling 'spike' over christmas and holidays

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
electronic games machine Waste and recycling \'spike\' over christmas and holidays
Christmas paper, paper towels, boxes, cardboard and other paper-All packaging materials can be recycled.This is information from the Cradle Coast.xa0Waste and environment officerxa0Michael Attard says there has been a surge in waste and recycling for Christmas gifts and holidays.
But he said it's important to send a gift.xa0Pack it and throw it in the bin."It's important to remember not to put it in a plastic bag and recycle bin."Once it enters the plastic bag, the production line does not know if it is waste, dangerous or recycled, soxa0It enters directly (landfill ).
"The message is to bundle your Christmas wrapping paper for roadside recycling, but don't put it in a plastic bag.Mr Attard said that during Christmas, the amount of waste and recycling surged as people threw away the packaging of everything they bought.There are also a lot of batteries thrown away because people use them for camping, video games and gadgets.
"If you're going camping, check out the local council website and find the nearest transfer station, they'll have a recycling list --Battery for cardboard, especially camping and games."Many waste transfer stations provide electronicWaste recycling is a massive increase in waste logistics.Mr Attard said that email is not allowed in AustraliaWaste to developing countries.
“E-The waste is collected here and then sent to Victoria, where it is collected through a blue box processor, a machine for recycling items.His waste management team made some suggestions on waste management and recycling during breaks
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