electronic games machine Technology in the 50s and 60s

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
electronic games machine Technology in the 50s and 60s
Whenever I think of my life in Wisconsin in late 1950 and early 1960, I can't help but be very nostalgic.These are the years I grew up in junior high school and high school.Life at that time was very different from today.
It is much simpler and less advanced in technology.We don't have a computer-A tablet, iphone, or video game.Again, I remember being very happy with what we have.
At this center, I will share with you what I remember is very different from what we have today.1.My phone call when I was young was very different from today.It is large and is located on the table or wall of the House and is only used for making phone calls.
As a rotating phone, you have to call all the numbers.One of the biggest things I remember was that our family's rural phone was with 2-3 neighbors.We had an old neighbor who was always on the phone when any of us picked up the receiver.
My sister likes to eavesdrop on her phone.Because we are in line, we always have to go through the operator when making long distance calls.Our phone number is 29j1.Today's telephone and telephone services, as well as phones that can connect to the Internet, take pictures and play music, are far from what we have.
When I was a junior high school (grade 11), I learned how to use the slide rules.) This is a necessary tool for all math and science students because of the handHandheld calculators have not yet been developed.Use sliding rules or sliding-As we said, you can do all the basic math, take the square root and the square root, do the triangle function, and deal with the number.
When we want to listen to our own music, we have to have a record and a record.The number of single clicks on both sides of the record is 7-Inch 45 rpms while the album hits 12-3/1/3 rpms inch long play (LP ).I definitely remember buying a lot of Elvis Presley 45 hits like Love Me Gentle and prison Rock.
\ "The problem with the records is that they are easy to scratch and if they are distorted the needle skips all the parts of the record.Today, young people listen to all their music on cd, mp3 or internet.4.I will never forget the record machine when I was young.
You can find them in cafes, bars, and even outside my high school gym.By putting a quarter into the slot, you can choose three songs.On 1960, I could still hear Joe Jones's song outside the gym, "you said too much, you made me worry about dying ".
Writing is a popular way for long-Remote communication 50 years ago.I like writing letters very much and even more to receive them.When I was in high school, I had a lot of female penpals.
There are too many letters that an email cannot copy.When I received a letter from my pen pal, almost all my senses were excited, especially if the letter was perfume and powder.In addition to seeing the handwriting, I can smell the perfume and the powder.
This can be done without email.
If you want to watch a movie in your 50 s, you either go to the cinema or watch it on the movie projector at home.There is a movie projector in my junior high school friend's room.I remember watching his homemade movie on the bedroom wall.
Later, I recalled the movies I watched in college, with 35mm projectors projected on the screen of the campus every Friday night.A common problem at the time was that the movie was stuck in the projector.Of course, today, if people decide not to go to the cinema, they can watch movies on DVD players or on the Internet.
I remember buying my first transistor radio in the eighth grade.So small I can hold it in my hand and it can even be in my pocket.It can play both AM and FM stations and it is my constant partner no matter where I go.
Most kids today have boom box, MP3 player or I can listen to music.8.Drive-Fifty years ago, movies were a special place for young people.In addition to watching movies in the privacy of the car outside at night, young lovers also have a good place to watch movies.
On A hot summer night, traveling to A & W Root beer stand is always A pleasure for the family.Without getting off the bus, you can order a beer and a burger and send it directly to you.No, you won't drive away after your order is delivered.
Instead, you will roll down from the window and the waitress will attach a tray with your order on it.In today's fast-paced world, this service is rarely found.10.I don't like video games very much today.However, I do miss the paloka pinball machine in my early 60 s.
I often play this game with my college buddies.We will have a match to see who can get the highest score or turn the machine over.As the score increases, the game's continued clingling of flippers, targets and machines is very exciting.
In my opinion, no video game can compete with it today.11.In the late 1950 s and 1960 s, when the father went out to work, most mothers stayed at home with their children.This is definitely the case for my parents who live and work on the farm, although my mother did help my dad a lot in the barn.
Crime at that time seemed to be reduced because children and young people were more supervised and guided than they were today.Life today will never be like it was 50 years ago.Everyone appreciates and loves today's technological progress and convenience.
Hopefully we can learn from the past and incorporate some of its strengths into our lives today
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