electronic games machine Neuroliminal: A New Tool for Solving Brain Problems

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
electronic games machine Neuroliminal: A New Tool for Solving Brain Problems
There's a new kid in the block.I invented it and named it nerve liminIt is simple to use and costs only a fraction of the cost of clinical neurofeedback (aka EEG and HEG biofeedback.Combined with HEG biological feedback, the results of autism, stroke rehabilitation and brain injury were significantly improved.(Many of the more serious cases of ADD/ADHD are more close to the autism zone and are misdiagnosed ).
This combination of biological feedback (called neural feedback) is now used by many clinicians in all of the above aspects.The only real downside is the cost.EEG and HEG electronic machines are expensive and clinicians charge $75 to $250 per half hour.The typical number of sessions for ADD/ADHD is 40-60.
The average cost is $4000.
Some autism cases require 200 treatments to improve well.The same is true for heg bf additions (or more ).While this therapy is definitely the best, it is also completely out of reach for low-and middle-income families.
The only economic option for them is Ritalin and other dangerous drugs, as neural feedback is often not covered by insurance.What is EEG biological feedback actually doing?It is extremely simple in actual operation.Get brain waves through contact sensors, zoom in millions or so, and then filter to separate out a wide variety of brain waves that are used to train clients in various ways to increase the amplitude of a small band, reduce the amplitude of another band.
Electronic devices and computers used are the most difficult parts.Otherwise, it's just a matter of connecting the sensor, explaining what to do, and the clinician will supervise several meetings and leave the machine to the customer.Clinicians don't even need to start learning about electronic devices, and they don't need to know about them.
Things are so simple that I set up a company (BHT Inc.) in 2000 to rent this machine for the home.This greatly reduces the price (shortens the doctor's time) and proves to be as good as a general clinician in terms of results.
My company (bio-feedback home training company) and I stopped this practice as early as 2004 because I think when I can sell this nervous system at a very small cost, it is immoral to lease or sell such expensive machines.While amplification and filtering do come from this age of science, EEG bio-feedback is indeed rocket science.Using the audio signal obtained above, we can drive different visual displays.
Initially, the audio signal was connected to the average voltmeter and the client continued to try to increase the output voltage using conscious thinking.Later, it became a computer monitor, a circular or square that customers have been trying to increase in size.Later, it was used to drive games like monitors to make it more fun.
(The voltmeter and the round/square display are boring and harder to power.The actual brainwave band, which mainly involves mental/brain problems, seems to be a small band above the Alpha brainwave.It is named the sensory motor response (SMR ).
It seems that most mental/brain problems stem from this 12-14 Hertz.Raising this magnitude seems to solve most of the mental/brain problems outlined above.(My original theory (presented in 2000) is that raising SMR somehow changes the brain/body response to various allergens that cause this symptom or disease.
This has been shown to be a case of all probabilities in a volunteer test.We don't know why.Unconscious thinking is still an unknown and undiscovered field.Like many other phenomenaWe don't know how it works.
We know how to use it.
Hypnosis, and even electricity are examples of this!HEG bio-feedback is a relatively new person.It uses an infrared sensor to determine the actual blood flow in the brain.The same principle is to consciously try to increase blood flow.
It turns out that in the case of autism, stroke rehabilitation and brain injury, this is very effective in combination with EEG biological feedback.Of course, it can also help solve all other brain problems where poor blood flow may not be found.The same cost factor as the EEG biological feedback obtained here.
In most cases, HEG training seems to only increase the forehead blood flow in the brain.I believe it would be more effective to increase blood flow in this particular region in the event of a stroke or brain injury that causes a decrease in blood flow.By letting the unconscious mind decide where to increase the flow of blood, neural limit training is likely to be superior to heg bf.
The unconscious mind knows better than the conscious mind what needs to be fixed.So what is neurology and how does it work?Neurosubconscious therapy does not use conscious thinking to gradually train the unconscious to change the magnitude of various brain waves, but to train unconscious thinking in a very direct form.When a customer sleeps, works, or relaxes, it uses subconscious information.
This completes the same brain wave training as neural feedback.The initial volunteer test (only raising SMR brainwaves) used more than 40 people and more than 20 completed the four-week test.Similar tests for the second 8 weeks showed better results and made it clear that this training was similar to EEG biological feedback, and that sleep per night was about half an hour.
(A summary of the results of all volunteer tests is shown in: http:/DrBate.Com/number/SubliminalSynopsis.Since NASA's research on the improvement of attention/concentration clearly shows that lowering the Theta brainwave will increase attention, more than 40 volunteers were tested in the fall of 2005, mainly for ADDThis test not only improves SMR brainwaves, but also reduces Theta brainwaves.The results of this test were very good, with 23 subjects completing at least 4-5 weeks (the most practical completion of the complete 8-10 weeks.
23 people have either solved their brain problems or are still improving.Two cases of autism have improved a lot, and both are continuing to use CD audio.Cases of ADD/ADHD and cases of insomnia and depression have been significantly addressed or improved.
On August/September 2006, I started a new volunteer testing program for 8 weeks.This audio includes both routine EEG biological feedback that improves SMR and reduces Theta, as well as brain blood flow groups.The test ended on January 2007.The results exceeded expectations.All of the nine autism cases have improved, some have improved significantly, and some have progressed slowly.
Only two epilepsy patients in this test did not have seizures for at least a week.The two have had seizures almost every day for years and have allergic reactions to drugs
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